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HONcode Site Evaluation Form

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You would like to know how trustworthy a particular health website is ? This form allows you to identify if a site respects elementary ethical and quality standards

Step 1: Does the site follow the HONcode principles?


1. The site provides general information about the organization or individual responsible for its operation and content, and details about the editor or principal author are given with his/her credentials

          Yes, an author's or editor's details with credentials are given


2. The site provides medical/health information or advice

    Given by medical/health professionals whose training/credentials are listed

    A clear statement (e.g. a disclaimer) is made whenever medical/health that the information or advice is offered by non-medical professionals or organisations

    Some health/medical information is not attributed to an author



3. A statement declaring that information provided on the site is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional is clearly provided
          Yes           No




4. A statement describing the intended mission of the site is provided on the site

          Yes           No




5. The site clearly mentions the intended audience of the site (general public, health professionals, students…)

          Yes           No




6. A Privacy/Confidentiality Policy regarding e-mail addresses, personal, non-personal and medical information is displayed on the website

          Yes           No


7. Do my site and its mirrors respect the legal requirements, including those concerning medical and personal information privacy, that apply in the country and state of their location?

          Yes           No           Don't know




8. Is the last modification date provided for the site?

    Yes, for the site as a whole
    Yes, for each page containing health/medical content
    Yes, for all the pages of the site
    No (explain as necessary below)




9. Does the site contain information from external sources?

    Yes, but no reference to the source is made

    Yes, an HTML link (valid and regularly checked) is provided to the source data

    Yes, a bibliographic reference to the source data is given

    No, the content of the site is original, written by the editorial person/s




10. Does the site make claims relating to the benefit or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product or service?

    Yes, all claims are supported by clear references to scientific research results and/or published articles

    Yes, the claims are based on the author’s personal research or opinions





11. A valid email address for the webmaster or a link to a valid contact form is easily accessible throughout the site?
          Yes           No




12. Is the source of the funding of the site clearly described?

    for commercial or non-commercial organisations:
    Yes           No

    for personal or private sites, or those hosted without charge:
    Yes           No




13. The site displays advertising that, is a source of income:

    A page provides a description of the advertising policy

    Separation between editorial content and advertising is clearly stated

    No explanation regarding banner advertising is given

    All ads banners are clearly identified as advertising with the word 'advertising'

    Advertising is not identified as such


14. The site is part of a link/banner exchange:

    Yes, a statement describes precisely the relationship between this site and the other websites

    Yes, a statement describes precisely the relationship between this site and the other websites mentioning any economic benefit derived from the exchanges

    Yes, but there is no specific description about the site advertising policy



15. The site does not display advertising:

    There is a clear statement explaining that the website does not accept or host any advertisement

    There is no statement displayed



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