Surveying the Internet Usage for medical/health purposes: Oct/Nov 1999
HON: Survey on Internet usage for medical and health purposes: Oct.-Nov. 1999

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This is a short questionnaire to gather information on how the Internet is being used to obtain healthcare information.

As before, the results of this survey will be posted on our Web site. Your answers will help HON and other Web sites improve their services to you.

You can remain anonymous, or provide an email address at the end and receive a personalised summary of the final report.

We respect the confidentiality of personal information. For more details, please visit the HONcode.

Thank you for your participation.

I. Please indicate your agreement/disagreement with the following statements :

II. Please answer the following questions with either "Yes" or "No":

III. These last eight questions are about you and your preferences (select all that apply, holding down your PC's "Ctrl or Shift key" to select more than one option per box):

If you wish to receive a personalised summary of all replies, please provide your email address below. Your personal details will not be used for commercial or mass-mailing purposes and will be treated as confidential by the Health On the Net Foundation.
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