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Health On the Net Foundation Telethon and Pediathon 96

Neuromuscular diseases Events

Pediathon, Saturday 7th of December 1996

Health On the Net Foundation welcomes everyone involved in the 2nd Geneva Pediathon being organized by the « Téléthon Action Suisse » Foundation and the Geneva Children's Hospital. This event will be held on the 7th of December at the pediatric Unit within the hospital.

The first Pediathon was created within the Geneva Children's Hospital (pediatric unit) in 1995. The pediatric unit's team lives every day with children afflicted with transmissible genetic diseases such as myopathy and cystic fibrosis. The Pediathon goal is to bring hope and solodarity and to increase Geneva public awareness to this disease.

Telethon, the 6th and 7th of December 1996

Health On the Net Foundation also welcomes everyone involved in the French 10th Telethon being organized by the French television chanels « France 2 » and « France 3 » on the 6th and 7th of December. The Telethon was created in 1987 by Bernard Barataud and Pierre Birambeau, parents of children struck down by myopathy. The Telethon helps raise awareness of this disease and support those suffering from it. Through media events this organisation encourages donations by industries and individuals to help fund research in the genetic domain.

Health On the Net Foundation is located in Geneva, Switzerland. Its mission is to build and support the International health and medical community on the Internet and Web so that the potential benefits of this new communication medium may be realised by individuals, medical professionals and Healthcare providers. According to the Foundation being, Health On the Net's team is pleased to highlight this events.

You are now linked to the Foundation's Webserver. The Foundation provides links below to interesting sites related to neuromuscular diseases and genetic diseases to demonstrate the value of the Internet for medical and health purposes.

Interesting links
  • French web sites:
    The « Association Française Myopathie » (AFM)
    Généthon Research Center on Human Genome
    Links providing Telethon Events:
    France 2 Television events
    Internethon from Morteau and associated to Franche-Comté Net

  • Web sites in English:
    Neuromuscular Disease Center, Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri
    Myopathy and Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
    About Inflammatory Myopathies
    Myositis Association of America, a national health resource for the inflammatory myopathies
    X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy Resource Group

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