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Sixth Framework Programme,
Priority IST, eHEALTH
from the European Commission
Type of instrument:

Integrated Project

Project number: IST-FP6-2004-507019



Fondazione San Raffaele (HSR)

a private non profit foundation that runs one of the most important Italian hospitals (San Raffaele Hospital in Milan) and several outpatient facilities in Milan, as well as in Italy and abroad (Brazil, Poland, India, etc.).


The PIPS project will make a significant step forward in the processes for healthcare (HC) delivery to the European Public by means of creating a new Health and Life Knowledge and Services Support Environment. This will improve current HC delivery models while creating possibilities for HC professionals to get access to relevant-updated medical knowledge and the European citizens to choose healthier lifestyles.


The objective is to encompass the entire set of business processes, professional practices, and products applied to the analysis and preservation of the citizen's well-being using the latest innovations in ICT.


The project joins HC suppliers, citizens, public organizations, food/drug industry and services, researchers, and health related policy makers, that are affected by the health status of individuals and of the global population, to create a dynamic knowledge environment that nourishes the system, and gives added value feedback for personalised and contextualized knowledge and services to improve the European public's welfare. In the PIPS scenario each actor is a supplier and receiver of personalised knowledge. This includes both explicit and implicit knowledge management based on traditional and new approaches to knowledge discovery out from current medical practice, evidence based medicine, and disparate knowledge sources from health/nutrition domains.

Intended outcomes:

PIPS results will enable the HC Professionals to deliver just-in-time personalised and prevention-focused HC services compliant with the Citizen's personal health state, preferences and ambient conditions; the Citizens will have the ability to make informed decisions about therapies and nutrition at any time/place according to the real-time evaluation of their health state; the HC Authorities will improve risk management of HC systems; the Actors in the HC delivery value chain will get access to and generate valuable information, assuring the global sustainability of the system.

Technical topics involved:

This ambitious project over four years will develop and benefit from technological innovations and will address the following topics:

  • Tools for personalised e-health services
  • Tools for knowledge management
  • Security and safety
  • Trustworthy business processes
  • Healthcare business models and risk
  • Societal acceptance

    The consortium brings together 16 partners from 6 Member States of the European Union, from supranational organisations (JRC - Joint Research Centre, HON - Health On the Net Foundation) and from Switzerland, Israel and the People’s Republic of China.

    Participant organization Country
    Atos Origin Italia Spa Italy
    Fundacio privada per a la investigacio nutricional Spain
    Shenyang neusoft co., ltd. China
    Universita Degli studi di Parma Italy
    Atena uslugi informatyczne i finansowe spolka z ograniczona odpowiedzialnoscia Poland
    Politechnika Gdanska Poland
    Marsh risk consulting b.v. Netherlands
    Glaxosmithkline s.p.a Italy
    Medic4all (Iisrael) ltd. Israel
    Astrazeneca s.p.a. Italy
    Instituto de Aplicaciones de las tecnologias de la Informacion y de las Comunicaciones Avanzadas - itaca Spain
    European Commission - joint research centre Belgium
    Health On the Net (HON) Switzerland
    The University of Liverpool United Kingdom
    Universidad Politecnica de Madrid Spain

    These partners have considerable expertise and experience in the fields of interest to PIPS as indicated in the overview table below.

    Health On the Net participates in PIPS sharing its leadership in quality accreditation for online health information and its expertise in health GRID, the health semantic Web, Knowledge Management Architecture and information's sources.

    Presentation linked with this projet :
    A personalized platform for life and health services, presentation, Brussels, February 12 2007
    How to protect the citizen in its quest of health information online? The certification, Milano, April 21 2008


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