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ActiveHealth : Active Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Start Date: 2002-09-01 End Date: 2004-02-28  
Duration: 18 months Project Status: End - Public Scientific Report

ACTIVE HEALTH - Active Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
Number: IST-2001-37857
Active Health is complying with Action Lines' Criterions:

IST Work Programme 2000, action lines I.1.1, ;"Intelligent Environment for Health Promotion and Disease Prevention” and I.1.4, “Best practice and demonstration actions in regional healthcare networks”; and the IST Work Programme 2001 in action lines I.1.1, “Intelligent environment for citizen centred health management” and I.1.3, “Best practice and trials in e-Health”. IST Work Programme 2002 action lines 8.1.1 ,“to facilitate synergy between existing projects that see an added value in working together on common objectives”.


Instituto de Aplicaciones de las Tecnologias de la Informacion y las Comunicaciones Avanzadas -

Contact person:
Mr. Sergio Guillen Barrionuevo


The ACTIVE HEALTH (AH) project is a contribution to the solution of the following challenge: to transfer information to individuals or groups of individuals and to support and help them take advantage of that information (advices). Any information flow requires the active participation of people to ensure sharing of meaning and proper use in the activities of the recipient. Information offer has to be both appropriate (current Health Research), acceptable and useful or even indispensable to improve their health, prevent or limit the progress of diseases, and to guide them in their life style, while respecting their individual specificities.

AH will coordinate the scientific health approach with world well-known medical organizations in order that all the work is done under the supervision of experts that will provide the characteristics that the medical information, advice, treatment, analysis is done in the correct way and following ethical criteria.

The European Union is very concerned about these issues and has as one of its main social objectives in the improvement of the quality of life and health of their citizens, encouraging them on making healthy choices to achieve these points. As a result, the European Parliament and the Council have proposed the adoption a new Programme of Community Action in the field of Public Health covering the next five years, from 2001 to 2006. Furthermore, it supports the use of the Information Technology (IT) in the area of health, believing that it’s the most cost-effective, efficient and easy way to arrive to wider population and integrate all the new advances.

Main Objectives:

For the use of IT in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (HPDP) AH proposes a global strategy in a more integrated and coherent way, that covers both categories of problems and methods grounded on the management of conversations. AH identifies the components of IT-supported HPDP, links, related problems and interactions. It investigates the specific issues resulting from the use of IT, including the legal, ethical, cultural conditions that have to be fulfilled and the criteria for trustworthiness of information. It proposes recommendations in critical areas and a framework to guide the development of IT applications for HPDP, derived from the expertise of the cluster members, in the perspective of a network creation.

In this line, AH will play an important role in the implantation of this initiative at a European level, increasing the awareness of the citizen about the Health Information Society and improving his access to trustable personalized medical advice without discriminations. The objective is that everybody will have access to this health support system, despite to its capabilities, skills, studies, economic situation, location, age, gender or possible disabilities, and following the legal regulations of each country and assuring the trustworthiness of the information and the systems and the protection of his personal data.

The way to do it will be by means of putting together all of the implied parties and making them work on a series of guidelines, recommendations and studies on what does a simple EU citizen needs in order to manage his health, avoid possible bad conditions whenever possible and improve its general quality of life in the health domain, all of these by means of secure and useful top IT technologies and helping him to accept these new advances as a part of his day-to day world.

AH Working Areas:

They are the four groups of activities, which will address the research on the many different topics that are relevant for HPDP. The Working Areas are based on the former definition of common axes of interest adopted by the Cluster.

Axis 1 - Technological Issues: Supporting interoperability among projects for the use of integrated intelligent portable devices. This include the production of Guidelines and recommendations for the development of IT-supported HPDP, for a medical framework for HPDP.
Axis 2 - Medical Approach: Supporting generic and coherent medical approach towards the use of IT tools assisting in avoiding risk factors related to life style (e.g. nutrition, lack of physical exercise). That means to do Survey reports on the use of IT in HPDP, for HPDP online services as well as providing Terms of reference for the creation of a Network of HPDP.
Axis 3 – Commercial Exploitation: Supporting common and coherent dissemination activities by the elaboration of Information contents and container as a Project Web site and as a report on the dissemination activities of the cluster.
Axis 4 - Trust and Confidence, Legal, Ethical and Cultural Issues: Supporting trust and confidence creation for on line medical information. This requires coping with ethical and legal issues and addressing cultural, security and data protection conditions through Research reports on trustworthiness, on legal implications, on ethical issues and on culture-dependent issues.

AH Consortium:

The AH Consortium consists on ten highly competent organizations that are currently working in eight Health Promotion and Disease Prevention projects funded by the European Commission.They are:


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