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News for Biological Sciences

How Do Birth Defects Affect Childhood Cancer Risk? (06/20/2019, HealthDay)
Many Advanced Colon Cancers Were 'Born' Ready to Spread (06/18/2019, HealthDay)
Your Mom Plays a Role in Age at Menopause, Longevity (06/18/2019, HealthDay)
Gene Test Might Someday Gauge Your Heart Attack Risk (06/11/2019, HealthDay)
How Chinese Gene-Editing Could Backfire: Babies Might Have Shorter Lives (06/03/2019, HealthDay)
Your Gut Bacteria Could Affect Your Response to Meds (06/03/2019, HealthDay)
Blood Test Could Spot Multiple Cancer Types, Researchers Say (05/29/2019, HealthDay)
Do You Have the 'Fainting Gene'? (05/28/2019, HealthDay)
New Gene Variants for Type 2 Diabetes Found (05/23/2019, HealthDay)
Your DNA Might Determine Whether You're a Dog Lover (05/21/2019, HealthDay)
About 1 in 1,000 Babies Born 'Intersex,' Study Finds (05/03/2019, HealthDay)
Device Spots Lymphedema Early in Breast Cancer Patients, to Help Stop It (05/02/2019, HealthDay)
Male-Hormone Gene May Help Cause Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (05/01/2019, HealthDay)
Will You Get Fat? Genetic Test May Tell (04/18/2019, HealthDay)
Poverty Could Leave Its Mark on Genes (04/11/2019, HealthDay)
Is Beauty In Your DNA? (04/04/2019, HealthDay)
AHA News: Genetic Testing Helps Family Uncover Inherited Heart Condition (03/29/2019, HealthDay)
Woman Feels No Pain, Thanks to Her Genes (03/28/2019, HealthDay)
World's Oldest Stored Semen Successfully Used to Breed Sheep (03/19/2019, HealthDay)
New Drug Could Help Those With Tough-to-Treat Cholesterol (03/14/2019, HealthDay)
Genomics Could Improve Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer (03/14/2019, HealthDay)
Even Distant Relatives' History Could Up Your Alzheimer's Risk (03/13/2019, HealthDay)
After Chinese Infant Gene-Editing Scandal, U.S. Health Officials Join Call for a Ban (03/13/2019, HealthDay)
Are Some Birth Control Methods Doomed to Fail? (03/12/2019, HealthDay)
Common Household Chemicals Harm Sperm in Both Men and Dogs (03/12/2019, HealthDay)
High Testosterone Levels Are Bad News for the Heart (03/07/2019, HealthDay)
Scientists Find 5 New Genes That Sway Alzheimer's Risk (03/01/2019, HealthDay)
Happiness in Marriage May Rest in Your Genes (03/01/2019, HealthDay)
Rare Set of 'Semi-Identical' Twins Identified in Australia (02/28/2019, HealthDay)
Insomnia May Be in Your Genes (02/25/2019, HealthDay)
Smokers May Fare Worse Against the Deadliest Skin Cancer (02/25/2019, HealthDay)
Should You Get Tested for the 'Breast Cancer Genes'? (02/19/2019, HealthDay)
'Apple-Shaped' Body? 'Pear-Shaped'? Your Genes May Tell (02/18/2019, HealthDay)
How Heavy Drinking Might Boost Your Appetite for Alcohol (02/11/2019, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Know Your Family's Medical History (02/06/2019, HealthDay)
Someday, a Pig's Heart Might Save a Child's Life (01/28/2019, HealthDay)
Does This Salamander Hold the Key to Regrowing Human Body Parts? (01/25/2019, HealthDay)
Eat What You Want and Still Stay Slim? Thank Your Genes (01/24/2019, HealthDay)
Good News, Bad News on Levodopa for Parkinson's Disease (01/23/2019, HealthDay)
Are You a Risk-Taker? It Might Lie in Your Genes (01/18/2019, HealthDay)
Gene-Linked Iron Disorder More Common Than Thought: Study (01/16/2019, HealthDay)
Nature or Nurture? Twins Study Helps Sort Out Genes' Role in Disease (01/14/2019, HealthDay)
Look to Your Aunts, Uncles and Parents for Clues to Your Longevity (01/11/2019, HealthDay)
Decoding Newborn's DNA Could Pinpoint Hidden Risks (01/04/2019, HealthDay)
Could Pot Harm Men's Sperm? (12/19/2018, HealthDay)
Genetic Changes Tied to Rare Brain Bleeds in Babies (12/18/2018, HealthDay)
Approach That New Gene Testing Kit With Caution (12/14/2018, HealthDay)
Research on Almost 2,000 Brains Brings Insight Into Mental Illness (12/13/2018, HealthDay)
Autism, ADHD in One Child Tied to Raised Risk in Siblings (12/10/2018, HealthDay)
Parkinson's Gene Therapy Wires New Brain Circuits (11/28/2018, HealthDay)
Newly Mapped Genes May Hold Keys to ADHD (11/26/2018, HealthDay)
Like Coffee? You May Be Genetically Wired That Way (11/15/2018, HealthDay)
Home Health-Care Tests: Proceed With Caution (11/07/2018, HealthDay)
Think Genes Dictate Your Life Span? Think Again (11/06/2018, HealthDay)
Smartphones, Summer Birth Could Raise Kids' Odds for Nearsightedness (11/06/2018, HealthDay)
Does Dyslexia Gene Protect Against Concussions? (10/26/2018, HealthDay)
Does Stroke Run in Your Family? Healthy Living Lowers the Risk (10/24/2018, HealthDay)
A Labrador's Color Might Determine Its Life Span (10/22/2018, HealthDay)
Number of Autism Genes Now Tops 100 (10/17/2018, HealthDay)
Health Tip: Considering Genetic Testing For Cancer? (10/16/2018, HealthDay)
Could Same-Sex Couples Have Babies With Shared DNA? Study Hints It's Possible (10/11/2018, HealthDay)
Genes, Not Diet, May Be Key to Gout Flare-Ups (10/11/2018, HealthDay)
Type 1 Diabetes Often Misdiagnosed in Adults (10/09/2018, HealthDay)
Could Impotence Be in Your Genes? (10/08/2018, HealthDay)
Did Neanderthal DNA Help Early Humans Fend Off Disease? (10/04/2018, HealthDay)
Alzheimer's Gene Tied to 'Chemo Brain' in Breast Cancer Survivors (10/03/2018, HealthDay)
Many Americans Curious, But Wary, About Gene Testing (10/02/2018, HealthDay)
Three New Genes Linked to Chronic Back Pain (10/01/2018, HealthDay)
AHA: New Report Explores Genes Behind Congenital Heart Disease (09/27/2018, HealthDay)
Most People Don't Know if They Have Genetic Risk for Cancer (09/26/2018, HealthDay)
Genes May Control How Tough It Is to Stop Drinking (09/25/2018, HealthDay)
Scientists Developing Blood Test for Drowsy Driving (09/25/2018, HealthDay)
Scientists Find 500 More Genes That Influence Blood Pressure (09/18/2018, HealthDay)
Timing May Be Critical When Taking Meds (09/12/2018, HealthDay)
Opium Poppy Genome Research May Aid Painkiller Production (09/03/2018, HealthDay)
Gene 'Editing' in Dog Study Shows Promise for Kids With Muscular Dystrophy (08/30/2018, HealthDay)
Blood Test Gives Quick Prognosis for Lymphoma Treatment: Study (08/21/2018, HealthDay)
Vaping Can Damage DNA, But Will It Cause Cancer? (08/20/2018, HealthDay)
Genetic Testing for Cancer Lacking for Women on Medicare: Study (08/17/2018, HealthDay)
Research Links Long-Banned Insecticide DDT to Autism (08/16/2018, HealthDay)
Gene Test Predicts Risk of 5 Common Diseases (08/14/2018, HealthDay)
More Alzheimer's Gene Links Found (08/14/2018, HealthDay)
Is Evolution of the Human Brain to Blame for Some Mental Disorders? (08/09/2018, HealthDay)
Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Genes ID'd (08/08/2018, HealthDay)
AHA: Scientists May Have Cleared Gene Therapy Hurdle (07/31/2018, HealthDay)
Americans Say Editing Baby's Genes OK, Up to a Point: Poll (07/27/2018, HealthDay)
Almost 1,300 Genes Seem Tied to Academic Success (07/24/2018, HealthDay)
Large U.S. Study Targets Prostate Cancer in Black Men (07/23/2018, HealthDay)
Brains May Be as Unique as Fingerprints (07/13/2018, HealthDay)
The Disappearance of a Dog Line (07/05/2018, HealthDay)
Paints, Solvents Tied to Big Rise in MS Risk for Some Smokers (07/03/2018, HealthDay)
Surgeons Make the Call on Gene Tests for Breast Cancer Patients (07/03/2018, HealthDay)
Those At-Home DNA Tests Are an Imperfect Science (07/03/2018, HealthDay)
Scientists Spot Gene Linking Down Syndrome, Early Alzheimer's (07/02/2018, HealthDay)
Does Human Life Span Really Have a Limit? (06/28/2018, HealthDay)
How Did A Wolf-Like Animal Become Man's Best Friend? (06/28/2018, HealthDay)

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