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News for Nervous System

Thanks for the Stinky Memories: Scientists Say Bad Smells Boost Recall (06/24/2019, HealthDay)
Is Green Tea a Fad or a Real Health Boost? (06/24/2019, HealthDay)
The Health Benefits of Sleeping on Your Side (06/20/2019, HealthDay)
Common Blood Pressure Med Might Help Fight Alzheimer's (06/17/2019, HealthDay)
Ailing Heart Can Speed the Brain's Decline, Study Finds (06/17/2019, HealthDay)
Education, Intelligence Might Protect Your Brain (06/14/2019, HealthDay)
Type 1 Diabetes Might Affect Young Kids' Brain Development (06/13/2019, HealthDay)
Workouts: A Prescription to Ease Severe Chronic Anxiety? (06/13/2019, HealthDay)
Why Humans Respond to Music and Monkeys Don't (06/11/2019, HealthDay)
Having an Extra Finger Can Come in Handy (06/07/2019, HealthDay)
For Some, Trouble Tracking Finances Could Be Sign of Dementia (06/05/2019, HealthDay)
It's Never Too Late for New Brain Cells (05/29/2019, HealthDay)
Water Polo Study Highlights Head Injury Risk (05/25/2019, HealthDay)
Nerve Stimulation May Help Curb Stroke Damage (05/24/2019, HealthDay)
Leonardo da Vinci May Have Had ADHD (05/24/2019, HealthDay)
AHA News: Mouth Bacteria Found in Stroke Patients' Brains (05/23/2019, HealthDay)
Bipolar Disorder a Risk Factor for Parkinson's? (05/23/2019, HealthDay)
Can the Bacteria in Your Belly Ease Your Worrying Mind? (05/23/2019, HealthDay)
The Best Exercises for Brain Health (05/20/2019, HealthDay)
Sudoku, Crosswords Could Make Your Brain Years Younger (05/16/2019, HealthDay)
Huhn? Scientists Working on Hearing Aid That Solves the 'Cocktail Party' Problem (05/15/2019, HealthDay)
Brain Bleed Risk Puts Safety of Low-Dose Aspirin in Doubt (05/14/2019, HealthDay)
Scientists Spot Chemical Signs of Suicidal Thoughts in Brains of Those With PTSD (05/13/2019, HealthDay)
Brief EMS Training Saves Lives After Brain Injury (05/09/2019, HealthDay)
After Concussions, Some Ex-Athletes Show Key Marker for Brain Disease: Study (05/08/2019, HealthDay)
New Treatment Guideline Focuses on Tourette Syndrome (05/08/2019, HealthDay)
Three Ways to Improve Focus and Concentration (05/07/2019, HealthDay)
Pokeman Characters Linger in Brain Well Past Childhood (05/06/2019, HealthDay)
Morning Exercise Kick-Starts Seniors' Brains (05/02/2019, HealthDay)
Could Alzheimer's Spread Like Infection Throughout the Brain? (05/01/2019, HealthDay)
Newly Discovered Illness May Cause Nearly 1 in 5 Dementias, Experts Say (04/30/2019, HealthDay)
Breast Milk Has Biggest Benefit for Preemies' Brains: Study (04/27/2019, HealthDay)
Brain Sharpens the Hearing of the Blind, Study Finds (04/24/2019, HealthDay)
Can Obesity Shrink Your Brain? (04/23/2019, HealthDay)
Even a Little More Exercise Might Help Your Brain Stay Young (04/19/2019, HealthDay)
Magnet 'Zap' to the Brain Might Jumpstart Aging Memory (04/17/2019, HealthDay)
Scientists Bring Pig's Brain, Dead 4 Hours, Back to 'Cellular Activity' (04/17/2019, HealthDay)
Financial Scammers Often Prey on People With Early Dementia (04/15/2019, HealthDay)
Helping the Young Mind Grow (04/15/2019, HealthDay)
Is Your Smartphone Making You Fat? (04/11/2019, HealthDay)
Could Very Low 'Bad' Cholesterol Bring Stroke Danger? (04/10/2019, HealthDay)
NFL Retirees Help Scientists Develop Early Test for Brain Condition CTE (04/10/2019, HealthDay)
Good Sleep a Must for Teens With ADHD (04/09/2019, HealthDay)
Brain 'Zap' Might Rejuvenate Aging Memory (04/08/2019, HealthDay)
Gum Disease Shows Possible Links to Alzheimer's (04/07/2019, HealthDay)
Scientists Spot Brain Cells That Control Traumatic Memories (04/04/2019, HealthDay)
Brain Scans Spot, Track Alzheimer's (04/02/2019, HealthDay)
Pot During Pregnancy May Raise Child's Psychosis Risk (04/01/2019, HealthDay)
Brain Stimulation May Soothe Severe Depression (03/28/2019, HealthDay)
Common MS Treatment Can Bring Longer, Healthier Life (03/28/2019, HealthDay)
Only Spoken Words Processed in Newly Discovered Brain Region (03/27/2019, HealthDay)
Tighter Blood Pressure Control May Prevent Brain Lesions (03/20/2019, HealthDay)
Dementia May Strike Differently, Depending on Race (03/12/2019, HealthDay)
Healthy Diet While Young, Healthy Brain in Middle Age (03/07/2019, HealthDay)
FDA Poised to Approve Ketamine-Like Drug to Ease Depression (03/05/2019, HealthDay)
Sleep Apnea May Be Linked With Alzheimer's Marker (03/03/2019, HealthDay)
Scientists Find 5 New Genes That Sway Alzheimer's Risk (03/01/2019, HealthDay)
Active Brain and Body Are Powerful Weapons Against Dementia (02/20/2019, HealthDay)
Possible Parkinson's 'Pandemic' Looms: Report (02/19/2019, HealthDay)
Playing to Your Strengths (02/14/2019, HealthDay)
How Inactivity and Junk Food Can Harm Your Brain (02/13/2019, HealthDay)
Education No Match Against Alzheimer's (02/06/2019, HealthDay)
Women's Brains May Be More 'Age-Resistant' Than Men's (02/04/2019, HealthDay)
Joking Through Brain Surgery? Seriously? (02/04/2019, HealthDay)
Could Gut Bacteria Be Linked to Dementia Risk? (01/31/2019, HealthDay)
Great Workouts Boost Brains, Even in the Young (01/30/2019, HealthDay)
'Mind-Reading' AI Turns Thoughts Into Spoken Words (01/29/2019, HealthDay)
Why Sleepless Nights Can Mean More Painful Days (01/29/2019, HealthDay)
Can Strict Blood Pressure Control Lower Dementia Risk? (01/29/2019, HealthDay)
AHA: What Can the Ability to Balance Reveal About Brain Health? (01/25/2019, HealthDay)
Good News, Bad News on Levodopa for Parkinson's Disease (01/23/2019, HealthDay)
'Exceeding Expectations': Conjoined Twins Happy, Healthy After Separation Surgery (01/23/2019, HealthDay)
Even Slight Rise in Blood Pressure Might Shrink Young Brains (01/23/2019, HealthDay)
Blood Test Might Yield Early Warning of Alzheimer's (01/22/2019, HealthDay)
Keep Moving to Keep Brain Sharp in Old Age (01/16/2019, HealthDay)
Strike Up the Band for Better Grades (01/16/2019, HealthDay)
More Evidence Pot May Damage the Teen Brain (01/14/2019, HealthDay)
Wider Waistlines, Smaller Brains? (01/09/2019, HealthDay)
Mindfulness Can Help Tame Everyday Stress (01/01/2019, HealthDay)
Being Bullied May Alter the Teen Brain (12/27/2018, HealthDay)
Kicking, Punching: Who's at Risk for a Violent Sleep Disorder? (12/26/2018, HealthDay)
Just 6 Months of Walking May Boost Aging Brains (12/20/2018, HealthDay)
Many Say Ketamine Eased Their Depression, But Is It Safe? (12/19/2018, HealthDay)
Heart Surgery Won't Cause Brain Decline, New Study Says (12/18/2018, HealthDay)
Genetic Changes Tied to Rare Brain Bleeds in Babies (12/18/2018, HealthDay)
Does Diabetes Damage Brain Health? (12/14/2018, HealthDay)
Can Alzheimer's Be Spread? Mouse Study Hints It's Possible (12/13/2018, HealthDay)
How Puzzles, Games Might Help Your Aging Brain (12/10/2018, HealthDay)
Sleep, Don't Cram, Before Finals for Better Grades (12/10/2018, HealthDay)
Health Tip: What to Do If You Suspect a Concussion (12/06/2018, HealthDay)
Stimulating One Brain Area May Ease Tough-to-Treat Depression (11/30/2018, HealthDay)
Middle School Football Players Show Changes in Key Brain Area (11/29/2018, HealthDay)
Prolonged Brain Connections Seen in Adults With Autism (11/29/2018, HealthDay)
Parkinson's Gene Therapy Wires New Brain Circuits (11/28/2018, HealthDay)
Brain Changes Seen in MRIs of Young Football Players (11/26/2018, HealthDay)
Are You Better at Remembering Faces or Names? The Surprising Answer (11/26/2018, HealthDay)
Early Language Skills Tied to Higher IQ Decades Later (11/22/2018, HealthDay)
Give Thanks for These Foods That Help Preserve Aging Memory (11/21/2018, HealthDay)

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