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Health Highlights: Feb. 28, 2019
AHA News: Even 'Mild' Congenital Heart Disease Poses Risk Later in Life
Are Soccer Pros at Higher Risk for ALS?
California Parents Are Getting Around Vaccine Law, Fueling Measles Outbreaks
Cooking With Whole Grains
Could Invasive Lung Cancer Biopsies Be Replaced by Blood Tests?
Exercise Secrets to a Better Bottom
Featherlight, Wireless Sensors Let Parents Cuddle Their Preemies
Health Tip: Dangers of Teen E-Cigarette Use
Health Tip: Elderly Companionship
Marriage Law Boosted Same-Sex Couples' Well-Being
Medical Pot: An Elixir for the Elderly?
Rare Set of 'Semi-Identical' Twins Identified in Australia
Seniors With UTIs Need Antibiotics ASAP, Study Says
Sleeping In on Weekends May Not Repay Your Sleep 'Debt'
Too Much TV Might Dull the Aging Brain
U.S. Pedestrian Deaths Hit 30-Year High in 2018: Report


AHA News: Kids With Heart Defects Joined Jackie Kennedy, LBJ to Raise Awareness
Before Teen Is Prescribed Opioids, Look at Family's Drug Use
Can Google Help Bridge Language Gaps Between Doctors, Patients?
Colon Cancer Usually Diagnosed Late in Under-50 Adults
Don't Fear, Shark Attacks Remain Rare
Easy Recipes for Your Food Processor
For Future Offspring, Docs Save Eggs From Teen Transitioning Female-to-Male
Has America's Fight Against HIV Stalled?
Health Tip: Seasonal Skin Care
Health Tip: Shed Weight with Indoor Workouts
High-Fiber Diet May Help Gut 'Microbiome' Battle Melanoma
Meds for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol Help the Heart -- But Maybe Not the Mind
Painless Ways to Limit Your Kids' Screen Time
Prenatal Vitamins Might Lower Risk of Second Child With Autism
Tick Bites More Likely to Cause Red Meat Allergy Than Thought
Why Do Some Kids With Eczema Develop Food Allergies?


Health Highlights: Feb. 26, 2019
AHA News: Young Sisters Share Battle With Different Types of Heart Disease
Almost Half of Global Cases of Childhood Cancer Go Undiagnosed
Cervical 'Microbiome' Could Help Predict Cancer Risk
Health Tip: Beat the Winter Blues
Health Tip: Protecting Children from the Flu
Long Work Weeks May Be Depressing, Especially for Women
Obesity a Heartbreaker for Kids
One Plus of Texting, Social Media: Divorce Made Easier on Kids
Radioactive Chemo Meds Might Threaten Crematorium Workers: Study
Should You Really Forgive and Forget?
Single Dose of Keytruda May Help Put Melanoma Into Remission
Single Moms Often Put Kids' Health Care First, Study Finds
Testicular Cancer Treatment Doesn't Always Doom Fertility
The 411 on Nutritious, Tasty Seeds
Walking, Not Riding, Boosts Health in Golfers With Knee Woes


Health Highlights: Feb. 25, 2019
AHA News: Cancers of the Heart Are Rare -- and Here's Why
Adding Breakfast to Classrooms May Have a Health Downside
After Peanut Allergy Rx, Eating Small Bits of Peanut Might Help: Study
Blood Donation by Teen Girls May Raise Anemia Risk
Don't Be Fooled: Thermography No Substitute for Mammograms, FDA Says
Evening Exercise Won't Wreck Your Sleep
Green Space Good for Your Child's Mental Health
Health Tip: Reducing Asthma Attacks in Cold Weather
Health Tip: Steer Clear of Heartburn by Avoiding These Foods
Insomnia May Be in Your Genes
Is At-Home Stool Test a Viable Alternative to Colonoscopy?
Nurses' Long Hours, Moonlighting Could Pose Patient Safety Risk
Smokers May Fare Worse Against the Deadliest Skin Cancer
Supermarket Smarts: How to Save Money and Eat Better
Taking a Bite Out of Food Ads Targeted to Kids
Too Often, Opioid Abuse Runs in the Family, Study Shows


Get Ready for Summer Camp -- and Allergies


Breastfeeding May Cut Kids' Eczema Risk


Health Highlights: Feb. 22, 2019
A Hard Look at Smoking's Effect on Vision
AHA News: For the Best Health, Does the Intensity of Your Workout Matter?
Berkeley's Efforts Suggest Soda Taxes Do Cut Soda Sales
Fewer U.S. Doctor Are Facing Burnout
Go Nuts Over Nuts
Health Tip: Reduce Food Waste
Health Tip: Treat Uneven Skin Pigmentation
Mom's Prenatal Fish Oil Might Help Kids' Blood Pressure Later
More Severe Strain of Flu Starting to Spread Widely: CDC
Opioid Overdose Deaths Quadruple, Centered in 8 States
Peanut Allergy Patch Shows Middling Results in Trial
What's the Right Age to Test for Osteoporosis?


Health Highlights: Feb. 21, 2019
AHA News: Up-and-Coming Texas Singer Lucky to Be Alive and Still Singing the Blues
AHA News: With New Heart, Mom of Four Competes in Transplant Games
Among Rich Nations, U.S. Has Highest Rate of Fatal Drug ODs
Brain Condition CTE Seen in H.S. Football Players: Study
FDA Aims to Strengthen Sunscreen Rules
Fast Food Versus Fast Casual -- Which Has More Calories?
HPV Infections Most Tied to Cancer Are in Decline, and Vaccines May Be Why
Health Tip: Common Triggers for Acne
Health Tip: Understanding Vitamin B12
Kratom-Related Poisonings Are Soaring, Study Finds
Most Nations May Be Rid of Cervical Cancer By 2100
Panicked Hawaiians Swarmed Social Media During Nuke Attack False Alarm
Payments for Research Can Lead to Lies: Study
Smart Steps for Stronger Calves
Tips for Healthy Nails
Toxins in Home Furnishings Can Be Passed on to Kids


Health Highlights: Feb. 20, 2019
AHA News: Diabetes Remains Dangerous Despite Modern Medicine
AHA News: Why Are Black Women at Higher Risk of Dying From Pregnancy Complications?
Active Brain and Body Are Powerful Weapons Against Dementia
Acupuncture Could Help Ease Menopausal Symptoms
Are Primary Care Doctors Prepared to Discuss Cancer Treatment?
Being Socially Active Helps Older Folk Age Well
Brief Morning Exercise Helps Ease Blood Pressure Throughout the Day
Coming Soon: Battery-Free Pacemakers Powered by the Heart?
Experimental Drug Helps Women With Deadly Type of Breast Cancer
Gut Microbes May Help Drive Lupus, Study Finds
Head Off the Blues When Your Teen Heads to College
Health Tip: 10 Ways to Encourage Kids to Eat Healthier
Health Tip: Eat Less Salt
High-Fat Diets Do No Favors for Your Gut Bacteria
Pregnant Women Should Delay Gallbladder Surgery, Study Finds
Roasted Root Veggies Make a Hearty Winter Soup
Sleep Apnea Patients Who Are Drowsy During the Day at Risk for Heart Woes
Weight-Loss Surgery May Bring a Bedroom Bonus


Health Highlights: Feb. 18, 2019
'Miracle' Young Blood Infusion Treatments Unproven, Potentially Harmful: FDA
AHA News: Could 'Cardio-Obstetrics' Curb Rise in Pregnancy-Related Deaths?
AHA News: Living Near Convenience Stores Could Raise Risk of Artery-Clogging Condition
Codeine: An Opioid Threat to Kids
Common Yeast Infection Treatment Tied to Miscarriage, Birth Defects
Don't Open Medical Pot Dispensaries Near Schools: Poll
Exercises to Build Your Upper Body Strength
FDA Fell Short in Preventing Fentanyl Abuse Crisis, Report Claims
Health Tip: Raise Your Chances of Having a Baby
Health Tip: Why You Need Electrolytes
Heart Attacks Rising Among Younger Women
Most Hip, Knee Replacements Last Decades, Study Finds
Possible Parkinson's 'Pandemic' Looms: Report
Primary Care Doctors Help Boost Life Spans, But More Are Needed
Screen Time for the Very Young Has Doubled in 20 Years: Study
Should You Get Tested for the 'Breast Cancer Genes'?
Walnuts, Almonds Help the Hearts of Those With Type 2 Diabetes


'Apple-Shaped' Body? 'Pear-Shaped'? Your Genes May Tell
Health Tip: Eat Less Saturated Fat
Health Tip: Using Eye Makeup
Kid-Friendly Food Swaps Everyone Will Love
Transgender Hormone Therapy Could Pose Heart Dangers
Will Sugar Substitutes Help You Lose Weight?


Keep Your Kids Safe From Burns


How to Keep Food Poisoning at Bay


Health Highlights: Feb. 15, 2019
AHA News: Heart-Stopping Drama of On-Screen CPR Doesn't Always Reflect Reality
Boosting Your Diet for Exercise
First Customizable Insulin Pump Approved
Glass-Fronted Fireplaces Pose Burn Dangers for Kids
Guys, Can You Do 40 Push-Ups? Heart-Healthy Life May Be Yours
Hands Don't Spread HPV, Study Finds
Health Tip: Get Your Child to School on Time
Health Tip: Prevent Heel Pain
How to Choose the Right Cooking Oils
Insurers Making It Harder to Treat Opioid Addiction: Study
More Car Crashes Tied to Drivers High on Opioids
Osteoporosis Often Missed in Elderly Men
Protect Your Aging Eyes From Macular Degeneration
Up to 1 Hour of General Anesthesia Safe for Infants: Study


Health Highlights: Feb. 14, 2019
AHA News: Heart Transplant Survivor Gets Wedding Proposal at Finish Line
Breast Cancer and DDT: Timing of Exposure May Matter
Could Diet Sodas Raise an Older Woman's Stroke Risk?
Despite Gains, Black Americans Still Have Highest Cancer Death Rate
Does Bullying Start at Home?
Everyday 'Triggers' May Bring on A-Fib Episodes, Study Finds
Flu Shot Much More Effective This Year, CDC Says
Health Tip: Treating Dry Eye
Health Tip: Understanding Alopecia Areata
Is There a Right Time for Sex After Childbirth?
Kidney Failure Patients Face Higher Risk of Cancer Death
Meth Abuse Driving Big Spike in Syphilis Cases
Playing to Your Strengths
Science Puzzling Out Differences in Gut Bacteria Around the World
Teen Pot Use Fell in States That Legalized Medical Marijuana: Study
Valentines Forever? Commitment Is Key
Your Valentine May Bring You Better Sleep


Health Highlights: Feb. 13, 2019
AHA News: Despite Socioeconomic Gains, Black-White 'Health Gap' Remains
Does PTSD Really Harm Veterans' Hearts?
Everyday Medications That Can Ruin Your Sex Life
Female Anatomy May Play Big Role in Sperm's Success
Health Tip: Travel Suggestions For Your Eyes
Health Tip: What You Should Know About Antibiotics
How Inactivity and Junk Food Can Harm Your Brain
How to Help Your Teen Use Social Media Safely
Hydrate Right, Your Kidneys Will Thank You
Pumped Breast Milk Falls Short of Breastfed Version
Sweet Valentine Treats That Won't Bust Your Diet
Tasmanian Devils Likely to Survive Cancer Scourge
Tattooed and Need an MRI Scan? What You Need to Know
Teen Pot Use Linked to Later Depression, Suicide Attempts


Health Highlights: Feb. 12, 2019
AHA News: Are There Health Benefits From Chocolate?
Are Hearing Loss, Mental Decline Related?
Food or Heart Meds? Many Americans Must Make a Choice
Got the Flu? You Probably Shouldn't Head to the ER
HPV Might Be Behind Vocal Cord Cancers in Young
Health Tip: Anti-Aging Skin Suggestions
Health Tip: Caregiving After Stroke
More U.S. Men Holding Off on Prostate Cancer Surgery
New Hepatitis Meds Are Saving Lives: Study
Opioids Overprescribed for Common Children's Fracture, Study Says
Setting Preschoolers on an Active Path
Smart Steps for Healthy Feet
Study Reaffirms Safety of Hepatitis C Meds in Liver Cancer Patients
Unfit Teens Often Grow Into Sickly Middle Age, Study Shows


Health Highlights: Feb. 11, 2019
Aspirin Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer, But Many at Risk Don't Take It
FDA to Tighten Oversight of Supplements
Getting the Most Benefit From Ab Exercises
Gun Injuries Bring Especially Tough Recoveries
Half of U.S. Kids With a Mental Health Disorder Don't Get Treatment
He Ate a 'Pot Lollipop' -- and a Heart Attack Soon Followed
Health Tip: Avoid Burns From Playground Equipment
Health Tip: Care For a Wound At Home
High Blood Pressure Hits Urban Blacks Harder
How Color Can Help You De-Stress
How Heavy Drinking Might Boost Your Appetite for Alcohol
Mammograms Helped Save Up to 600,000 U.S. Lives Since 1989: Study
Opioids May Signal Poorer Outcomes for Heart Patients: Study
Poor Sleep Plagues Many Kids With Autism
Poor Whites Bear the Brunt of U.S. Opioid Crisis, Studies Find
Vaping Is Erasing Gains Made Against Teen Smoking


How to Decide When You're Too Sick to Work


Continuous Glucose Monitors Make Managing Diabetes Easier


Health Highlights: Feb. 8, 2019
AHA News: Her New Workout Routine Helped Spot a Rare Heart Defect
AHA News: Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Deadliest Type of Stroke
Are Scientists Closer to Growing Made-to-Order Kidneys?
CPR Not Always Given at Dialysis Clinics When Needed
Developing Self-Compassion: How to Show Yourself Some Love
Does Social Media Push Teens to Depression? New Study Says No
Flu Season Far From Over, CDC Says
Get The Most From Frozen Vegetables
Health Tip: Put Your Obese Dog on a Diet
Health Tip: Recognize Signs of Sleep Deficiency
One Key Step Can Help Cancer Patients Quit Smoking
Upbeat Attitude May Be a Pain Fighter
Vocal Cord Surgery Hits High Notes for Grammy Winners
What Makes Seniors Feel in Control?
Worldwide, More Die After Surgery Than From HIV, Malaria: Study


Health Highlights: Feb. 7, 2019
AHA News: Many Women Plagued by Anxiety After Stroke
As U.S. Measles Outbreaks Spread, Why Does 'Anti-Vax' Movement Persist?
Better Heart Care Saves U.S. Billions a Year, Study Finds
Blood Thinning Drug May Be Safer Option Against Recurrent Stroke
Cutting Calories Can Boost Your Sex Life and Your Sleep
Dangerous Bacteria May Lurk in Hospital Sinks
For Preventing Hangover, Wine First or Beer First?
Global Rate of Suicide Deaths Is on the Decline
Health Tip: Becoming a Step Parent
Health Tip: Talk to Your Kids Early About Alcohol Use
High-Tech Capsule Could One Day Replace Insulin Injections
Opioid Addicts Are Overdosing on Diarrhea Drug
Strict Blood Pressure Control Could Help Make Stroke Care Safer
Study Ties Cancer-Causing HPV to Heart Disease, Too
The Reality of Watching Reality TV
Weight-Loss Surgery Typically Pushes Type 2 Diabetes Into Remission


Health Highlights: Feb. 6, 2019
AHA News: Actress Susan Lucci Thriving After Emergency Heart Procedure
AHA News: Fluctuating Blood Pressure After Stroke Could Mean Higher Risk of Death
Benign Ovarian Cysts Should Be Left in Place, Study Suggests
Cablivi Approved for Rare Clotting Disorder
Could a Little Pot Smoking Actually Raise Men's Fertility?
Education No Match Against Alzheimer's
Even Brief EMS Delay Can Cost Lives After Car Crash
Fertility Treatments Don't Raise Cancer Risk for Offspring
Health Tip: Know Your Family's Medical History
Health Tip: Leading Causes of Unintentional Injury
Hunting, Harvesting Leave Big Animals at Risk of Extinction: Study
In West Virginia, Few Opioid OD Survivors Get Good Follow-Up Care: Study
MS Drug Costs Skyrocket After Medicare Rule Change: Study
New Antibiotic Treats Pneumonia, Skin Infections
Opioid OD Deaths Are Saving Lives Through Transplantation
President Trump Unveils Plan to Stop U.S. HIV Transmissions by 2030
Trump's Goal of No New HIV Cases by 2030 Is Possible, Health Officials Say
Warm Up to Turkey Chili
Where Marijuana Is Legal, Many Teens Drive While High


Health Highlights: Feb. 5, 2019
AHA News: High Blood Pressure Top Risk Factor for Stroke in Young Adults
AHA News: Post-Stroke Depression Common Among Black, Hispanic Survivors
Almost All U.S. Teens Falling Short on Sleep, Exercise
Bouncing From 'Jump Park' Trampolines Into the ER
Canine Bone Cancer Vaccine Hints at a Human Version
Fast or Slow, Weight Loss Has Similar Effect on Health
Health Tip: Recognizing Signs of Depression in Teens
Health Tip: Take Breaks to Recharge
Little Evidence Pain Creams Work
Psoriasis Meds Might Help Fight Heart Trouble, Too
Rethinking Blood Pressure Readings
Surgery Restores Movement to Kids With Polio-Like Illness
Too Much TV Raises Women's Odds for Early-Onset Colon Cancer: Study
Update Dietary Guidelines for a Healthier You
Why Do More and More Americans Use Medical Marijuana?


Health Highlights: Feb. 4, 2019
'Microplastics' in Dolphins, Seals Heighten Environmental Concerns
AHA: Marijuana, Cocaine May Play Role in Young Americans' Rising Stroke Rate
Could Germs in Your Gut Send You Into Depression?
Fertility Treatments Tied to Higher Odds for Pregnancy Complications
Frozen Berries: Just as Flavorful at a Better Price
Health Tip: Exfoliate at Home
Health Tip: Prevent the Spread of Head Lice
Joking Through Brain Surgery? Seriously?
Making OxyContin 'Tamper Proof' Helped Spread Hepatitis C
Obesity-Linked Cancers On the Rise Among Young Americans
Patients With Primary Care Docs May Get Better Health Care
State Prisons Need More Smoking-Cessation Programs: Study
Surge in Long-Term Birth Control After Trump's 2016 Win
Teens Often Off the Mark About Their Weight, With Unhealthy Results
Women's Brains May Be More 'Age-Resistant' Than Men's
You've Fainted. How Long Do You Need to Stay in the ER?


Health Screenings Every Woman Needs


Unraveling the Mystery of Hiccups


Health Highlights: Feb. 1, 2019
'Mindfulness' Might Help Some Conquer Chronic Pain
AHA: 7 Things That Can Affect the Heart -- And What to Do About Them
Are Forests Now Playing a Role in Pollution?
Breastfeeding Is Still Best
Hair Styles That Can Lead to Hair Loss
Head, Neck Cancers Up Among 9-11 Responders: Study
Health Tip: Signs of Vision Problems in Infants
Health Tip: Uncovering Causes of Bloating
Is Brexit a Health Hazard?
Make a Healthy Game Plan for Super Bowl Partying
Many Paramedics Ignore Hand Hygiene Rules, Study Finds
Statins Help the Heart, No Matter What Your Age
Vaping May Pose Big Risk for Smoking in Otherwise 'Low-Risk' Kids
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