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Health Tip: No Screens Before Going to Bed
Health Tip: Protect Children from Playground Hazards
How Good Is Your New Year's Bubbly? Listen Closely
How to Survive a New Year's Hangover
New Resolve for New Year's Resolutions
Seniors, Lose the Weight But Not the Muscle in 2018


Health Highlights: Dec. 28, 2017
8 Small Changes for a Slimmer You in 2018
Air Pollution Can Be Deadly for Seniors
Asthma Worse for Overweight Preschoolers: Study
Epidemic of Opioid Abuse Is Top Health Story of 2017
Getting Active Could Help Boost Memory, Experts Say
Health Tip: Kids and Window Blinds
Health Tip: Schooling While Managing Cancer
Many With Deadly Brain Cancer Don't Opt for Hospice Care
Teens and Their Phones: What You Should Know
The Sooner Kids Learn to Eat Healthy, the Better
Whites More Likely Than Others to Seek Help for Psoriasis


Health Highlights: Dec. 27, 2017
A Daily Walk: Smart Move for Seniors' Brain Health
Could Your Salon Visit Make You Sick?
Epilepsy Drug Could Raise Birth Defect Risks
Feeling Sad? Here's How to Beat the Holiday Blues
Global Warming's Humidity Could Put Lives in Danger
Health Tip: Create a Winter Emergency Kit For Your Car
Health Tip: Identify Menopause
High School Coaches, Players Know Little About Concussion
Human Cold Virus Killed Chimpanzees
MRIs Safe With Older Pacemakers, Study Finds
More Pregnant Women Are Using Pot
No Link Between Childhood Lead Levels, Later Criminality


Health Highlights: Dec. 26, 2017
Amber-Tinted Glasses Might Get You More Sleep
Discrimination Affects More Than Just the Victims
Early Puberty in Girls May Take Mental Health Toll
Ebola Survivors May Develop Immunity to the Disease
Health Tip: Play Safer With Laser Toys
Health Tip: Sit and Stand Up Straight
How to Fight Dry, Itchy Eyes This Winter
Kidney Disease Can Lead to Diabetes, Not Just the Other Way Around
New Research Probes the Criminal Mind
Pet Dogs May Speed Human Brain Cancer Trials
Seniors Don't Need Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements: Review


Bah, Hum (Stomach) Bug! Essential Holiday Food Safety Tips
Health Tip: Alzheimer's and the Holidays
Health Tip: Winterize your Home
Reading Aloud Can Be a Memory Booster
Road Salt Good for Winter Driving, Bad for Wells
Tips for Holiday Trips With Seniors


Staying Warm, Cozy and Safe by the Fire


The Most Dreaded Topic at Family Gatherings


'Tis the Season to Fight Infection
Health Tip: Fry Your Turkey Safely
Health Tip: Things to Know About This Year's Flu Shot
How to Avoid 'Toy Overload' This Holiday Season
New Tax Law Means End of Obamacare's Individual Mandate
Tips for Poison-Free Holidays


Health Highlights: Dec. 21, 2017
Are Women's Hearts More Vulnerable to Stress?
As Income Rises, Women Get Slimmer -- But Not Men
Can Eating Fish Make Kids Smarter?
Choosing Safe Toys for the Holidays
Chronic Heartburn Tied to Higher Odds for Head, Neck Cancers
Health Tip: Holiday Foot-Care Advice
Health Tip: Prepare an Emergency Kit for Your Pet
High Costs Keep Many Cancer Patients From Needed Drugs
Keeping the Holidays Allergy and Asthma-Free
Obamacare Helped More Americans Spot Cancer Early
Squeezing in Exercise Over the Holidays
Two Foods Could Help Ex-Smokers' Lungs Heal
U.S. Life Expectancy Drops as Opioid Deaths Surge


Health Highlights: Dec. 20, 2017
Can the Fill-In Babysitter Handle an Emergency?
Eat Your Greens . . . and Maybe Boost an Aging Brain
Health Tip: All-Nighters Are Unhealthy
Health Tip: Going Gluten-Free?
Heavy Particles in Smog Up Kids' Asthma Risk
Holiday Chocolates No Treat for Dogs
Holidays Can Be Hard on Lonely Seniors
Light Up the Holidays Safely
Marriage May Make Heart Disease a Little Less Dangerous
Mild Low Thyroid Levels May Affect a Woman's Fertility
Overweight Kids Don't Have to Be Overweight Adults
Put Safety on Your Toy Shopping List
Reining in Kids' Expectations for Holiday Gifts
Too Much Family Time This Holiday? Here's How to Cope


Health Highlights: Dec. 19, 2017
Cancer Survivors Often Face Another Hurdle: Faster Aging
Cervical Device May Help Lower Preemie Birth Risk
Could an Electric Pulse to the Brain Recharge Your Memory?
FDA Approves Gene Therapy for Rare Form of Blindness
FDA Issues Tougher Warning on MRI Dye Tied to Brain Effects
Flu Shot Safe Even With an Egg Allergy
Friendships May Be Your Defense Against Diabetes
Gay, Lesbian Teens at Higher Suicide Risk
Gene Therapy Approved for Rare Inherited Vision-Loss Disorders
Health Tip: Build Your Strength
Health Tip: Eat Less Salt
Heroin Vaccine Blunts Drug's Effect in Animals
Mindfulness May Be Stress-Buster at Exam Time
U.S. Lifts Ban on Laboratory-Made Lethal Viruses
When Tax Reform Becomes Law, ACA's Individual Mandate Becomes History


Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2017
Childhood Trauma May Harm the Heart Decades Later
Dementia May Be More Common in Rural Areas
Don't Play Around When It Comes to Toy Safety
FDA Gets Tough With Homeopathic Medicines
Flu Vaccine Could Work as Well as Last Year's Shot: Study
Handling the Holidays When You Have Cancer
Health Tip: Applying Makeup Safely
Health Tip: Avoid Eating Raw Dough
Life's Hassles May Give You Nightmares … Literally
Money May Not Buy Happiness, But . . .
Police Use of Rubber Bullets Can Still Be Deadly, Study Warns
Stamping 'Smoking Kills' on Cigarettes May Keep Teens From the Habit
State Rules Affect Survival of Immigrants With Kidney Failure
There's Still No Proven Way to Prevent Alzheimer's
Tougher State Laws Curb Vaccine Refusers
Will These 2 Home Remedies Help Your Sore Throat?


The Holidays Can Pose Hazards to Your Pet's Health


Keep Kids Safe During Holiday Travels


Health Highlights: Dec. 15, 2017
Excess Weight May Raise Rosacea Risk
Health Tip: Give Your Dog Safe Treats
Health Tip: Make Your Home Safer For People With Alzheimer's
Live Close to a Gym? You're Probably a Bit Trimmer
Mom-to-Be's High Blood Sugar May Raise Baby's Odds for Heart Defects
New Cancer Drug Shows Promise Against Wide Range of Tumors
Spoon-Feeding Not Necessarily Safer for Infants
Tailgating Slows Everybody Down
Think Little Kids Are Safe From Food Ads? Think Again
Today Is the Deadline for Obamacare 2018
Too Much Takeout Food Threatens Kids' Health


Health Highlights: Dec. 14, 2017
Could a Hot Cup of Tea Preserve Your Vision?
Decline in Antibiotic Use in Livestock Isn't Enough, Critics Say
Family Meals Serve Up Better Behaved Kids
Feeling Sexually Harassed? You're Not Alone
Graphic Anti-Smoking Ads Can Backfire on Kids
Health Tip: Dental Association Supports Fluoridated Water
Health Tip: Practice Mindful Eating
Insights Into Pain Relief From the Family That Can't Feel Pain
More Teens Vaping as Smoking Declines; Pot Use Holds Steady
Party Tips for Teetotalers
Race, Age Bias Exists in U.S. Medical Care: Survey
Your Pets Can't Put Your Aging on 'Paws'
Zika Babies Facing Increasing Health Problems With Age


Health Highlights: Dec. 13, 2017
Another Legacy of Terror Attacks: Migraines
Can Video Games Hone ER Docs' Skills?
Drinking More Wine These Days? Your Glass May Be to Blame
Drug May Help Surgical Patients Stop Opioids Sooner
Firefighters May Face Higher Odds for Skin Cancer
Health Tip: Keep Gift-Giving Stress Under Wraps
Health Tip: Plan for Better Sleep
Higher Booze Taxes Might Pay Off for Public Health
Many With Early Breast Cancer Are Skipping Chemo
Nearby Fracking Linked to Low Birth Weights
New Insight on Killer Fungus Threatening Bats
Rain May Not Cause Achy Joints After All
Ritalin During Pregnancy May Raise Risk of Heart Defect in Baby
Teens Acting Badly? Smog Could Be to Blame
Woman's Selfie of Skin Cancer Went Viral, Sparked Awareness


Health Highlights: Dec. 12, 2017
Are Emergency Medical Workers Ready for a Nuclear Attack?
Dinosaurs Dealt With Pesky Ticks, Too
First Drug Approved for Rare Condition That Inflames Blood Vessels
Friday Is the Deadline for Obamacare 2018
Get Active, Beat Lymphoma?
Health Care Workers Mixed on Using Medical Marijuana in Kids
Health Tip: If You Get the Flu While Pregnant
Health Tip: Recognize Warning Signs of Hypothermia
Memo to Motorcyclists: Beware the Full Moon
New Hope for Kids With Multiple Food Allergies
Postmenopausal Women Should Still Steer Clear of HRT: Task Force
Protecting Your Health From Wildfire Smoke
Tech at Bedtime May Mean Heavier Kids
These Personality Traits May Help You Live Longer
Will 'AI' Be Part of Your Health-Care Team?


Health Highlights: Dec. 11, 2017
Are Men Just 'Babies' When They Get the Flu? Maybe Not
Good News, Guys: Viagra Prices Start to Tumble Today
Has Your Doc Been Touched by Breast Cancer? It Could Influence Care
Health Tip: Prevent Food Contamination
Heath Tip: Give Age-Appropriate Toys
How to Perk Up the Holidays for Hospital Patients
If Mom Has Rheumatoid Arthritis, Baby May Develop It, Too
Is Air Pollution a Threat to a Fetus?
New Diabetes Drug Gets FDA OK Under 'Abbreviated' Pathway
Often, Opioid Abuse Becomes a Family Affair
Tried to Quit But Still Smoking? Help's On the Way
Vigorous Exercise May Help Slow Parkinson's Disease
Window Blinds: A Silent Killer in Your Home
With A-Fib, Urban Hospitals May Be a Better Bet


Another Gene Therapy Breakthrough Against Hemophilia
New Gene Therapy May Be Cure for 'Bubble Boy' Disease


Health Highlights: Dec. 8, 2017
'Love Hormone' May Strengthen the Dog-Human Bond
Are Women With Parkinson's at a Disadvantage?
Germs on International Space Station Just Like Those Back Home
Got Scabies? Here's What to Do
Health Tip: Starting a Tooth Brushing Routine Early
Health Tip: Prevent the Spread of Norovirus
How Hospitals Can Go Green
Just a Little Weight Loss May Cut Breast Cancer Risk
Moms' Soda Habit in Pregnancy May Boost Kids' Odds for Asthma
Repeat Infection Likely for Men With HPV
Staring at Solar Eclipse Burned Holes in Woman's Retinas
What to Do If Someone's Bleeding Badly


Health Highlights: Dec. 7, 2017
Acupuncture May Ease Pain Tied to Breast Cancer Care
Alzheimer's Cases to Double by 2060: Report
Are Good Kidneys Going to Waste?
As Hearing Fades With Age, Dementia Risk May Rise
For Breast Cancer Patients, Less Time on Hormonal Meds?
Genes Start Mutating Soon After Life Begins, Study Finds
Have Eczema? No Need for Bleach Baths, Study Suggests
Health Tip: How a Cochlear Implant Works
Health Tip: Preparing For Endurance Exercises
Powerful Clot-Busting Drugs Not Useful After Leg Blockages: Study
Ted Koppel's Fight to Make COPD Headline News
U.S. Gun Sales Rose After Sandy Hook Massacre: Study
When a Preemie Goes Home, Dad Stresses Out


Health Highlights: Dec. 6, 2017
Are Women Naturally Fitter Than Men?
Birth Control Pill Tied to Slight Rise in Breast Cancer Risk
Boy's Double Hand Transplant Changed His Brain
Coming Soon: A Gel That Could Help Save Soldiers' Eyes
Gene Therapy May Allow Hemophilia Patients to Go Without Meds
Health Tip: 11 Harmful Effects of Smoking
Health Tip: Staying Safe in a Parking Lot
Healthy Living May Ease Some MS Symptoms
New Breast Cancer Drug May Benefit Younger Women, Too
Ozempic Approved for Type 2 Diabetes
Patients OK With Fewer Opioids After Gallbladder Surgery
Shhhh! Patients Are Sleeping
Smoggy Streets May Make Daily Walk a Health Hazard
Tough Flu Season Ahead: Vaccine May Only Be 10% Effective
U.S. Courts, Jails Could Be Key Players in Curbing Opioid Abuse


Health Highlights: Dec. 5, 2017
As Tax Bill Unfolds, What's In Store for Obamacare's Individual Mandate?
Checking Prices for Medical Procedures Online? Good Luck
Dating Violence Tied to Spankings in Childhood
Diet May Help Fight Epilepsy When Meds Fail
Do Heat Waves Shave Dollars Off a Baby's Future Earnings?
Gene Discovery May Help Fight Alzheimer's
Health Tip: Diagnosing Pneumonia
Health Tip: Fight Seasonal Affective Disorder
Insurance Ups the Odds of Beating Cancer
Later School Start Times Do Help Kids Feel Rested: Study
Local Smoke-Free Laws Tied to Fewer Lung Cancer Cases
Smokers 10 Times More Likely to Use Pot Daily
Your Doc Is Away? Substitute Doctors a Safe Option, Study Finds


Health Highlights: Dec. 4, 2017
#MeToo No More?
Even Non-Heart Surgery May Harm Your Heart
For Teens, Vaping Today May Lead to Smoking Tomorrow
Health Tip: Managing Diabetes When You Have The Flu
Health Tip: Understanding Family Cancer Syndrome
Noisy Commutes Could Cause Long-Lasting Damage
Smartphone Pics Help Docs ID Kids' Skin Condition
Steep Rise in Deaths for People Hospitalized After Opioid OD
Taking Your Meds? A Digital Pill Can Tell
The Buzz on How Flies Spread Disease
Think Before You Drink
Will CVS-Aetna Merger Mean Cheaper Health Care?


Flu Can Have Dangerous Domino Effect on Older Adults


People With Epilepsy May Gain From Common Sleep Apnea Treatment


Health Highlights: Dec. 1, 2017
Breathing Trouble May Follow Preemies to Adulthood
Can Scrotal Vein Condition Hike Heart Risks?
FDA Approves 'Biosimilar' Drug Ogivri for Breast, Stomach Cancers
FDA Approves Monthly Dose of Opioid Addiction Treatment
Gum Disease Tied to Yet Another Deadly Illness
HIV Is Gaining Resistance to Lifesaving Drugs
Health Tip: Help Prevent Snoring
Health Tip: Talk to Your Child About Sexting
Informed Football Refs Better at Spotting Suspected Concussions
Lock Eyes With Your Baby, Synchronize Brain Waves?
Lung Cancer Drug Targets 'Hidden' HIV in French Patient
Once-Monthly Injection Approved for Opioid Addiction
Poetry Judged by the Picture It Paints
Some Cigars Pack Bigger Nicotine Punch Than Cigarettes
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