4 - 7 December 2003
University Hospital of Geneva

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December, 7-9 2003

Special MedNet issues!

We have pleasure in inviting you to participate in MEDNET 2003 - the 8th Annual World Conference on the Internet and Medicine with the theme 

Internet in Health for All

It will be organized this year by the Health On the Net Foundation (HON) in Geneva, prior to and in connection with the World Summit On the Information Society (WSIS), which will take place in Geneva the 10 - 12 December 2003.

The Submission for abstracts and tutorials is closed !

The required forms are:
Author, Presenter and Co-author (if applicable) and contact information. Title, Abstract text and Comments (Objectives, Study Design, Methods, Results, and Conclusions). The keywords have to be selected from the proposed list. Disclosure of any commercial interests (required even if no interests).

All communications including pre-registration, submission and notification of acceptance will be made through the Web (via e-mail). 

The accepted abstracts will be published in the conference proceedings.

MEDNET 2003 major themes:

  • Access
    The Internet provides unprecedented access to health and medical information, a domain traditionally reserved for specialists. MEDNET will explore the implications of this access and the means of realising its full potential.

    • Access to health and medical information
    • Promoting access for the disabled and impaired
    • Knowledge management - Information retrieval technology
    • Basic and clinical research, bioinformatics using the Internet
    • Internet usage statistics and demographics
    • Mobile web

  • Trust
    The widespread availability of sensitive information requires that measures be taken to counter abuse and protect citizens within a technical, legal and ethical context which resists attempts at regulation. MEDNET invites participants to discuss these issues.

    • E-health and quality issues
    • Ethical, privacy and legal issues
    • Internet Security
    • Internet technologies and standards

  • Citizen centered
    Consumers have embraced the Internet, and health-oriented web sites are among the most popular destinations, providing guidance on prevention, nutrition, drugs and treatments. MEDNET will discuss the role of the Internet in the strengthening the doctor-patient relationship.

    • Empowering the patient & the physician
    • Promoting health literacy

  • Sharing
    Fully realising the benefits of new information technologies means sharing information and knowledge among nations and peoples. MEDNET will be an opportunity to present innovative approaches to the challenge of distribution of information and technology.

    • Internet and the developing World
    • Internet and medical information exchange
    • Intranet for medical applications
    • International medical collaboration

  • Education

    • Medical education and teaching
    • Medical libraries

The topics listed under each theme are for guidance only and are not restricted to the list above.

Queries about additional topics may be sent to:


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