4 - 7 December 2003
University Hospital of Geneva

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December, 7-9 2003

Special MedNet issues!

MEDNET is the annual conference of the Society for the Internet in Medicine (SIM) originating in 1996 to build a network of Internet players and users sharing latest research developments and up-to-date tools in Medicine, health and the Internet.

This year MedNet 2003 is organized by the Health On the Net Foundation (HON) in Geneva, prior to and in connection with the Wolrld Summit On the Information Society (WSIS), which will take place in Geneva the 10 - 12 December 2003.

Past Sessions of the World Conference on the Internet and Medicine are the following:

MEDNET 2002 - December 4-7
Amsterdam, The Netherland
MEDNET 2001 - November 29-December 2
Udine, Italy
MEDNET 2000 - November 23-26
Brussels, Belgium
MEDNET 99 - September 18-21
Heidelberg, Germany
MEDNET 98 - November 16-19
London, UK
MEDNET 97 - November 3-6
Brighton, UK
MEDNET 96 - October 14-17
Brighton, UK

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