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Here are the main activities and services undertaken and developed by the Foundation in 1996:

Health On the Net Foundation supports the Telethon and Pediathon 96.

750,000 accesses to the HON Web site to date.
HON provides Internet demonstration support to the Regional Telecommunication Development Conference for the Arab States (AR-RTDC/96) organised by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) in Beirut, Lebanon.
Sun Microsystems becomes a major sponsor of Health On the Net Foundation.
500,000 accesses to the HON Web site to date.
HON participated in the European Congress of the Internet in Medicine, MEDNET96. Health On the Net Foundation presents the " HON Automated Database of Health and Medical Information" and the " HON Code of Conduct for Medical and Health Websites".
Launched MedHunt, a medical search engine, devoted to discovering medical and health information on the Internet by M.A.R.V.I.N..
AIM, representing 44 health insurance companies in 23 countries announces its support for the HON Code of Conduct (HONcode).
HON Media Gallery, medical movies and images.
Launched the Hospital-Webmaster mailing list.
Launched the Health On the Net Code of Conduct (HONcode version 1.5) to help improve the quality of health and medical information on the Internet.
The Six Senses Healthcare and Medical Web site review program, awards HON with 33.6 points out of 36.
200,000 accesses to the HON Web site to date.
Delivered first "Internet for Doctors" training program to 100 doctors in the Geneva Region.
Foundation provides telemedicine demonstration support via satellite to the African Regional Telecommunication conference convened by the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in Abidjan, Cote d'Ivoire
Press coverage in the UK ( London Times), Australia, Switzerland and France
Foundation Web site launched
Press articles in USA Today and other journals in the USA and Japan. TV coverage in Canada and USA
Aga Khan Foundation becomes a major sponsor of Health On the Net Foundation
Global Hospital project launched and AT&T becomes a major sponsor of the Foundation
Resolution to create the Foundation agreed on by all participants at an international telemedicine conference held in Geneva.

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