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Here are the main activities and services undertaken and developed by the Foundation :

October 2006

HON is invited to participate to World of Health IT Conference & Exhibition from the 10-13 October 2006, Geneva, Switzerland.
HON at the Nursing Informatics Symposium:
Medication Management: Providing the highest quality of care and safety
Speaker: Celia Boyer, Executive Director, Health on the Net Foundation, Geneva, Switzerland.

HON is invited to present the Wednesday  11th October 2006 : "Plans of UN Agencies for boosting implementation of eHealth solutions", session organised by WHO.

HON is invited by "el Instituto de Comunicación de la Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona" at the Jornada sobre la acreditación de calidad de los sitios web sobre Salud.

HON presented the 9 October 2006, Barcelona: Trustworthy health and medical information: the Health On the Net initiative 

August 2006

HON is invited to participate to The Geneva Forum "Towards Global Access to Health" from the 30 August to 3 September 2006, Geneva, Switzerland.

The Geneva Forum "Towards Global Access to Health", under the flags of equity, training and partnership, has provided a unique opportunity for all participants from 90 countries to present and explore innovative partnerships and programmes facilitating access to health. HON participated actively in the conference.

HON participated actively in the conference
Can we Trust Medical Information Online?

June 2006

June 12th 2006, the Swiss French-speaking transmission  On en parle on the Radio Suisse Romande (RSR) focused its broadcast on Health: How to find trustworthy health and medical information on the Web.  Interviewed Celia Boyer, Executive Director of HON, presented the new regional service  The foundation created for citizens living in the French speaking part of Switzerland a catalogue of selected trustworthy health resources offering reliable and quality information on a disease, on where to find an association, a health professional or a hospital, on current medical news, etc.

RSR is responsible for the production and transmission of French-language French-speaking radio programmes in Switzerland.

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May 2006

10 years Devoted to Improving Online Health Information Quality

The HON Foundation founded 10 years ago, when the World Wide Web was just beginning to show its potential and challenges, and eventually became a leading actor in promoting the quality of health information for care professionals and for citizens.

This achievement rewards the efforts made by HON-accredited Web sites to maintain the HONcode standard at the national, European and international levels. Currently, Web sites in some 72 countries worldwide bear the HONcode seal.

During the World Health Assembly, and in collaboration with WHO, the conference Strengthening Health Systems through eHealth, held the 23rd of May in Geneva, consecrates the relationship between WHO and HON, as well as the constantly growing cooperation between Switzerland, Europe and Africa in the health domain thanks to the efficient use of new communication tools, in particular the World Wide Web.

This remarkable event demonstrated new synergies for the development of eHealth by bringing together various expertises. More about this event:

On this occasion, we have special thoughts to the memory of Professor Jean-Raoul Scherrer, great visionary of medical informatics, co-founder, defender and servant of the HON Foundation.

HON is invited to participate to the 15th International World Wide Web Conference from the 7 to 9 May 2006 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

HON is invited to participate to the scientific conference, organised by the SGIM – SSIM, the 3rd May.
"Universal access of the Web from utopia to reality: experience with the ProVisu project"

April 2006

HON is invited to participate to the World Health Day 2006 on April 7 in Geneva, Switzerland.

March 2006

HON is invited to participate to a briefing on e-health, orginised by the NGO Forum for Health, on March 30 at the World Council of Churches, Geneva, Switzerland.

E-Health implies using information and communication technologies, to strengthen public health services and improve the health and wellbeing of people.

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