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Here are the main activities and services undertaken and developed by the Foundation :

December 2004

The Editorial Board and the Health On the Net Foundation as guest editor of the International Journal of Medical Informatics invite practitioners and researchers to participate in a special issue dedicated to Health and the Internet for All. This special issue is planned to be published early in 2005.

June 2004

HON thanks the University John Hopkins School for Medicine for its collaboration to the current developpment of HON' gallery database. Our database has become a unique repository of medical gallery which offers more than 7'000 images in more than 2000 medical related topics. Johns Hopkins University has contributed to the dermatology domain covering the entire field with nearly 300 different diseases. Special thanks to Bernard A. Cohen, M.D., Division of Pediatric Dermatology, and Christoph U. Lehmann, M.D., Division of Neonatology.

May 2004

HON is invited to participate in the Expo-Vita 2004 - Health, in Coimbra, Portugal, from the 27 to 29 May. The presentation "Health On the Net Initiatives to Improve Access to Trustworthy Heath Information on the Web" describes the HON's services that make the search for trustworthy medical information easier with the use of MedHunt or the HONcode accreditation. This last tool creates a trustworthy area allowing the users to reach accurate information, for the citizen as the health professionals.

HON has been named as winner of the eEurope Award for eHealth - 2004, in the category "eHealth Information tools and services for citizens". Over 100 submissions were received for the award. The eEurope Awards are organised by the European Institute of Public Administration, with the support of the Information Society Technologies Programme of the European Commission, to recognise innovative initiatives in the areas of eGovernment and eHealth within Europe.

HON is invited to participate in the eHealth Conference 2004, Cork, Ireland, the 5 & 6 May 2004. The conference aims to identify the eHealth tools and services for citizens that are currently available, and illustrate how today and in the years ahead European citizens will benefit from such service provision.

April 2004

HON is invited to the International Joint Meeting EuroMISE 2004(12th to 15th April) in Prague, Czech Republic, which is composed of the IMIA working conference and three symposia running in parallel. HON's presentation by Celia Boyer & Arnaud Gaudinat is about "NLP and Medical/Health Research of Information on the Web".

For the "First Congress on Men's Health Medicine" organized by the World Academy of Biomedical Technology and endorse by the European and Mediterranean Association of Clinical Andrology in Paris, France, from the 5 to the 8 April 2004, HON will participate to the special seminar dedicated to "Men's Health Medicine on the Net" with a presentation the 8th of April about "Information Standards for Trust on the Men’s Health Internet" by Ken Dobruskin and Celia Boyer.

March 2004

The Service of Medical Informatics (SMI) and the Geneva University Hospitals organize from the 17th to 19th March a University certificate of medical informatics about the Healthcare Information System. HON is invited for two presentations; the first one by M. Antoine Geissbuhler is about "e-toile: un projet de réseau communautaire d'informatique médicale" and the second by Ms Celia Boyer is about "l'information médicale pour les citoyens: la Fondation HON".

February 2004

HON was actively involved in the Active Health project that ended the 28th of February 2004. Participating in the project as a leader in the "Work Package 3: Promoting a European trustworthiness space within the Medical Internet“, HON has specifically collaborated with NetUnion to promote a trustworthy medical and health accurate and reliable area within the Internet. To reach this Work Package's aims HON and NetUnion developed a browser-integrated tool (HONcode Toolbar) to access dynamically to online medical/health information resources that respect the indispensable ethical criteria for the creation of such an area.

January 2004

HON has realized a Press Release relating the development done about a new tool for Trustworthy Health Information. This new HONcode Toolbar is the first of its kind, and allows web surfers to highlight and select text from a web page and search for HON-certified sites (nearly 4000) about more than 33'000 medical and health topics. This "HONcode status" feature lets the user check whether a site bearing the HONcode seal is really in compliance with the Code. The HONcode Toolbar was developed jointly with NetUnion, a software development firm in Lausanne, Switzerland, within the European research project ACTIVEHEALTH.

HON is involved in a new European project called PIPS (Personalized Information Platform for life and health Services - Sixth Framework Programme, priority IST, eHEALTH from the European Commission, type of instrument: Integrated Project). This project will make a significant step forward by means of creating a new Health and Life Knowledge and Services Environment. The objective is to encompass the entire set of business processes, professional practices, and products applied to the analysis and preservation of the citizen's well-being using the latest innovations in ICT.
The main outcome will allow all the actors - citizens, authorities, Healthcare professionals and providers - to get access to and generate valuable information just-in-time, assuring the global sustainability of the system.




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