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Please, verify before any submission if your site is not already listed in MedHunt.

MedHunt is a medical/health search engine, please, submit only medical/health related web sites.

The HONcode membership application process is totally independent from MedHunt, the full-text search engine.
If you wish to support the HONcode initiative to help improve the quality of medical and health information available on the WWW. Whether you are a healthcare Web site developer or an information provider, you must formally apply for membership in the growing community of HONcode subscribers.

Directions for use: Please fill out the following form to submit your site or any site you find interesting, then press the View Submission button to check your submission. All the information you enter below will be memorized in a file and displayed in the next page. Then, you may modify your submission using your browser's BACK button or Submit your site to MedHunt's index.

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