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With the number of World Wide Web sites growing every day, the problem is not just to find information, but to locate the right piece of information. Current solutions for structuring information, subject hierarchies and general search engines have both advantages and drawbacks. Subject hierarchies are precise enough due to manual classification. However, the number of results provided in response to an average query is usually low due to the small amount of documents indexed. General World Wide Web search engines, indexing most of the Web, return a long list of documents, but often to the detriment of precision. The search result is then barely usable because of the large number of answers from different domains and topics. Only complex queries may, in a given situation, produce a limited number of potentially relevant documents. To make searches more efficient and useful to ordinary users, we need intelligent and specialised search engines on the Net.

The primary objective of MARVIN project (Multi-Agent Retrieval Vagabond on Information Networks), started in January 1996, was to reduce the search space by considering and indexing only a given field by filtering Web pages and to support the multilinguality of the Web. MARVIN, HON's own Web-spider, was first applied to the medical domain. Armed with a dictionary of medical terms, MARVIN tirelessly skims the Web for new sources of medical information. MARVIN feeds and constantly updates MedHunt, HON's medical and health search engine. The 16th November 2000, 2'000 visits (different computer) and 8'000 accesses to MedHunt show the effectiveness and utility of this complementary set MARVIN - MedHunt.

MARVIN and MedHunt have been developed and are the property of HON.



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