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The use of MedHunt is very simple. You have only to enter one or more words in the search box and to choose the boolean operator to applicate between these words. Some options are available to limit and refine the results.

How to process a search

  • Simple search:
    Type your search terms here (one or more words).
    Select the most appropriate boolean operator to applicate to your terms.
    (more details about the boolean operators.)
    Limit the display of the database by choosing a category (more details about the databases).
    Limit the search to a continent or domain (see also The MUST of MedHunt).
    Limit the number of results displayed per page.
    Click "Submit" to process the search.
    Click "Clear" to remove all the options.

  • Advanced search: There are 3 differences compared to the simple search.
    1. Possibility to use the "-" character to exclude a term from the results.
      (ex: "breast -cancer" gives the pages where the term "breast" is present and not the ones where the term "cancer" occurs.)

    2. Possibility to use the "*" character as a wild card.
      (ex: "pharmac*" gives the pages where the terms "pharmacist", "pharmacology" or "pharmacy" occur)

    3. search 1
      search 2
      search 3
      Possibility to use 2 or 3 simple searches and to make a boolean operation between the results.
      (ex: You are searching "drug or treatment about breast cancer".
      Just enter drug and treatment in the search 1 box, select the boolean operator Or.
      Then enter breast and cancer in the search 2 box, select the boolean operator Adj.
      Finally, select the boolean operator And between search 1 and search 2.)

    [MedHunt HELP] [Query] [Results] [MUST of MedHunt] [Logos]


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