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Hepatitis B
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The following documents related to hepatitis B have been elaborated for informative purpose only. They have been wrtitten by Stuart Millinship and posted to the mailing list HEPV-L. The Hepatitis B Report has been elaborated to answer frequently asked questions about this disease.

Before going futher, please read the Introduction explaining the goal of this report, its content, as well as the disclaimer.


This document aims to improve understanding and answer some questions you may have about hepatitis B. This document contains additional information on new drugs, complimentary medicine, cirrhosis and the start of a glossary.

This document deals with hepatitis B, this is a specific form of hepatitis and should not be confused with other types where symptoms, treatment and prognosis may differ. There are many similarities between various forms of hepatitis so others may find this useful but there are also many differences, if you require information about other forms of hepatitis please consult appropriate sources of information although I hope you may find the information within this document useful.

The information contained within in is in some cases facts, opinion, and simplified to aid understanding and convey a concept. NONE of it should be relied upon as expert opinion. This FAQ is provided as-is, without any express or implied warranties. Please consult a medical practitioner, medical text books or journals for any to verify and/or obtain further information. That said there are many medical terms used within this document and a medical dictionary and or text book may be useful in aiding understanding.

This Hepatitis B Report is NOT the place to go if you're seeking expert medical, psychological, or legal advice. The author responsible for the content of this report assume no responsibility for errors or omissions, or for damages resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

If you have questions or concerns, contact a pharmacist, nurse, other qualified and licensed therapist or practitioner, or attorney, as the case may be.

Disclaimer - Please read before Continuing.

I make no claims to the accuracy of this document and I am not a doctor.

If you have any fears, questions, concerns doubts or require information on hepatitis in any form as a disease and/or it's treatment, transmission, virology etc. I advise you to contact your medical practitioner, talk to qualified virologists, molecular biologist as appropriate and to consult appropriate medical text books or journals.

I take NO responsibility for any actions you may, or may not, take after reading this.

The above is to protect me from any legal action in case I have misunderstood something, read/ heard incorrect information or just from simple typos also as more research is done information can become out of date. If I am not sure about something, expressing a theory or conjecturing it is indicated by a (?) following the appropriate sentence and/or paragraph. Also where percentages are given I will try to give a range e.g. 10 - 15% of the upper and lower figures I have seen, if only one figure is shown that is the percentage to my knowledge. These percentages vary depending on what books you read, who you talk to and how studies were performed and should not be taken as 'fact' just because they are numbers.

This report has not been written by the Health On the Net Foundation's team and the Foundation is not responsible for the content of the Hepatitis B report.

This HTML version of the Hepatitis B report may not be included in commercial collections or compilations without express permission from bothe the author and the Health On the Net Foundation. The original text version can be obtained from the author, Stuart Millinship.


I have tried to be as accurate as I can but if you see any mistakes, have new or more information, have a clearer explanation of any terms used or any suggestions please contact me via e-mail on: stuart@ermintrude.win-uk.net and I'll try to include them.

Next chapters are :
1.0 What is Hepatitis
2.0 What is Hepatitis B
2.1 How is Hepatitis B Transmitted
2.2 What happens when infected with Hepatitis B
2.3 How Can I prevent infection
3. 0 The hepatitis B virology and immunology
3.1 What is the Hepatitis B Virus.
3.2 How does the virus replicate.
3.3 Hepatitis B Antigens and Markers.
3.4 How the Human Body Responds to Infection.



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