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The following documents related to hepatitis B have been elaborated for informative purpose only. They have been written by Stuart Millinship. This report has not been written by the Health On the Net Foundation's team and the Foundation is not responsible for the content of the Hepatitis B report.


About the author....

Stuart Millinship
14 August 1963
Balham, London, UK.
Technical Consultant in the computer field.
Honors Degree in Physics with Microprocessor Architecture. 
Hepatitis B, HiFi & Video, Music, Computers, Science & Technology, Music, Reading
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Why did you write the Hepatitis B document?

Early in 1994 I was vaccinated for hepatitis B, at the end of the course of shots I had a blood test to see if the vaccine had taken and discovered  I had a chronic hepatitis B infection. I had no idea where it had come from, now in retrospect I believe I contracted it either at the age of 6 (I developed jaundice) or 22 (Ill for two months, diagnosed as glandular fever but the blood test was negative).

When I wanted more information I discovered that there was very little available. It was either basic general information in the form of pamphlets or a few paragraphs in a home medical book or highly detailed medical information that was unintelligible to the layman. Later that year I was invited to join the, then newly formed, HEPV-L list. As I was finding more and more out about hepatitis B for my own understanding I put some notes together (version 0 was about 2 pages of A4) and thought I'd post them to HEPV-L list as others hopefully would find them useful. 

Over the years this grew and shortly after releasing version 3 HON asked if they could use it on their site and they converted the word version to HTML. With Version 4 I decided to learn HTML and do the conversion myself. 

As more people joined HEPV-L the majority of posts were Hepatitis C related and a Hepatitis B mailing list (click here to join) was created and the hepatitis B document has become regarded as it's FAQ.  

Who is the document aimed at?

The main aim of the Hepatitis B document I produce is to provide a bridge between the simplified information generally available and the more complex information found in medical journals etc. The intended audience being patients (and the layman interested in hepatitis B) and also medical professionals such as general practitioners, nurses who wish to be more informed about hepatitis B (in this field one of the aims to provide details of "alternative" therapies that their patients may be taking e.g. Milk Thistle, NAC and to detail what scientific evidence is available. I don't know is if this aim is achievable, but it's one I aim for.

Why do you do it?

It keeps me up to date. 

It helps others.  

I'm interested in it!

Where did you get your medical knowledge?

It's self taught,  from books, the internet and the medical library at my local teaching hospital. 

What's next?

I'm working on version 5 which I hope to bring up to date with information on the latest treatments and new research. I also aim to include references and if possible have the various sections reviewed by qualified professionals. This is taking much longer than expected.

After that, I believe that the document is now to large and to complex for newcomers and would like to write an introductory document. A hepatitis B 101 I suppose.  

After that version 6.......

Can I print it and distribute it?

The hepatitis B document can be freely distributed to: individuals; charitable organisations; educational; support groups etc. Provided no profit (direct, indirect or potential) is involved. Individual sections of the hepatitis B document can also quoted freely by any individual or organisation if there is no profit (direct, indirect or potential) involved, provided the source (and where applicable, any additional credit) is quoted. If the document will be distributed where profit (direct, indirect or potential) is involved please contact the owner for approval. However when the document (or portions of) is reproduced (excepting mailings to other individuals or posting to public news groups/listservs) or distributed the owner must be notified. (This is to entail that he the latest version is being distributed). The owner of the document reserves the right to withdraw the right to redistribute any or all sections of the document and any individual contributors reserve the right to withdraw consent regarding their own contributions

If you want to host the document on a web site please contact me.

Can I help?

My main problems are time and access to information. Nothing much can be done about the time I have to work on it but often I am constrained by not having access to information. For example I may find an abstract on the internet but I don't have the resources to get the full copy. I then have to wait until I have a day off work to visit the medical library and hope they have that journal in. Similarly there are several text books I have to visit a library to consult.

If someone out there can provide access to more information, especially full text articles from journals please contact me.




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