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Trees are woody perennial plants, which are generally instantly recognisable due to the long, single, main stem which divides into many branches forming the 'head' of the tree. However, trees come in many different forms and shapes. Trees are often used as ornamental plants in parks, gardens, etc. to provide shade as well as for their beauty.
The trees included in the 'Pollen Calendar' section are :

Alder (Alnus) Elm (Ulmus) Olive ( Oleaceae)
Ash ( Fraxinus) Hazel (Corylus ) Pine ( Pinaceae)
Beech ( Fagus ) Heath (Ericaceae) Plane (Platanus)
Birch ( Betula) Hickory (Carla) Poplar (Populus)
Chestnut (Castanea) Maple Ti ( Cordyline)
Cypress (Cupressaceae) Myrtle (Myrtaceae) Wattle ( Acacia)
Japanese Cedar
(Cryptomeria japonica)
Mulberry (Moraceae ) Walnut ( Juglans)
Western Red Cedar
(Thuja plicata)
Oak ( Quercus ) Willow ( Salix )

Of course, this is not an exhaustive list of all the trees which produce allergy-inducing pollens. This list merely intends to provide some basic information on some of the main tree pollens, which are responsible for causing seasonal allergic reactions. Further information can be obtained by contacting your local/national pollen monitoring service. We hope to add to this list of tree pollens and develop it over time. Any suggestions and relevant information are very welcome.




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