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Tests Used in Allergology

      Abdominal x-rays after lactose-barium meal
      Allergy Skin Test
      Breath Hydrogen Level (BHL) Test
      Breath Methane Test
      Fecal pH and reducing substances
      Intestinal biopsy for lactase activity
      Intestinal perfusion studies
      Lactose tolerance test
      Pulmonary Function Test (PFT)
      Radioallergosorbent Test (RAST)
      Skin Endpoint Titration (SET)
      Stool Acidity Test
      Urinary tests

Placebo An inactive compound having no physiological effect; an inert substance identical in appearance to the treatment drug used in clinical studies . A form of safe but non-active treatment frequently used as a basis for comparison with pharmaceuticals in research studies.

Placebo effect An apparently beneficial result of therapy that occur because of the patient's expectation that the therapy will help.

Gold Standard The most specific and sensitive test to diagnostic a disease. Used to compare other tests.



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