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Lymph is a watery fluid (containing white blood cells and antibodies ) that washes through all our tissues, passing through lymph node filters and eventually returning to the blood stream. Lymphatic channels are a fluid circulation system that parallel the blood circulation system. Lymphocytes wander through the lymph spaces in the body, resting and proliferating in lymph nodes . One of the typical signs of food allergy is enlarged tonsils and swollen lymph nodes in the neck. If you have an infected finger and observe a red streak going up your arm, you are seeing a lymph channel, marked by the release of inflammatory mediators . The streak reminds us that pathogenic bacteria can also travel along lymph channels and spread rapidly. If immune defense does not stop them, antibiotics are usually called for.

Lymph Vessel

Vessels that remove cellular waste from the body by filtering through lymph nodes and eventually emptying into the vascular (blood) system.



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