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A complex sugar found in milk and milk products (also the principal sugar found in these products). Lactose must be broken down by lactase into the simple sugars galactose and glucose in order to be absorbed.


An intestinal enzyme that is needed to digest lactose. The lack of lactase results in what is called Lactose Maldigestion .

Lactose Maldigestion
Lactose Intolerance, Lactase Deficiency, Lactose Allergy, Milk sickness

Intolerance to milk and milk products due to a lactase deficiency. The digestive system does not produce enough of this enzyme to break down the lactose into simpler sugars (glucose and galactose). Thus, the lactose sugar ferments in the small intestine producing gas, bloating , cramps, abdominal cramping and diarrhea after drinking milk or eating dairy products. This problem is present in over 80 percent of nonwhite adults. Lactose Maldigestion can be diagnosed by certain tests such as a Lactose Intolerance Test, Breath Hydrogen Level test and Stool Acidity Test. Lactose intolerance is NOT the same as a milk allergy .



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