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Hickory (Carla)

Refers to any of aproximately 18 species of deciduous trees of the genus Carya and the walnut family ( Juglandaceae ). Most species are native to eastern North America. Hickories often reach 30 m (100 feet) in height. Many species produce edible nuts such as the shagbark hickory ( C. ovata ), the shellbark hickory ( C. laciniosa ), the mockernut hickory ( C. tomentosa ) and the pecan ( C. illinoensis ). [ 1 ]


Walnut ( Juglans)

Arizona Walnut
Juglans major
Image source : [ 2 ]

Refers to about 20 species of deciduous trees of the genus Juglans and family Juglandaceae . Both the black walnut ( J. nigra ), native to eastern North America and the English, or Persian, walnut ( J. regia ), which is native to Iran, are valuable for their timber and edible nuts. The butternut ( J. cinerea ), native to eastern North America also produces an edible nut. [ 1 ]



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