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Trees France Pollen Calendar
  Data Source: RNSA, 1998/99 [ 1 ]

The main tree pollens contained in this data are the oak , chestnut , birch , cypress , ash , hazel , polular , elm , willow , hornbeam, mulberry , olive and lime with the most potent pollens being those of the birch, oak, ash, cypress and hazel. The grass pollen data is based on the gramineae family. The most common weed pollens in France seem to be the plantago and urticaceae families as well as the chenopodes , armoise and ragweed . It should be noted that the ragweed pollen, although one of the most potent, is present principally in the Rhône valley and thus is not a nationwide problem - as is the case in the USA.

[1] Réseau National de Surveillance Aérobiologique (R.N.S.A.) :


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