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European Pollen Calendar

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European Data
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  Data Source: EPI [ 1 ]
The information contained in the pollen calendar above is an average of the major pollens present over the last number of years, which have been collected from 200 pollen stations all over Europe [ 1 ] . The tree data is based on alder , hazel , birch , ash , olive , plane and the cypress family ( Cupressaceae ), while the weed data comes from observations of ragweed , mugwort , pellitory and nettles . Grass pollen is the most important allergen in Europe. As the cross-reactivity is extremely high amongst nearly all grasses, for the grass-pollen sensitive patient it makes no difference, which grass pollen she/he inhales. Only the pollen of cultivated rye has a higher allergenicity than the pollen of wild grasses. In fact, the high meadow grasses like orchard grass or rye cause the majority of symptoms. [ 1 ]

This data is included in order to give an idea of the main pollen types and the periods within which they are present in Europe. As Europe is vast and contains many different climatic zones, the types of pollens present and during which periods, will differ depending on the country/region. Thus, we include more specific information for some of the main countries in Europe, which we intend to futher develope over time. Links to information sources for each country included are provided and it is recommended that you contact these information sources if you require additional information on pollen types and pollination periods in that country.

Click on the country names on the map above to access information for the country that interests you.

[1] European Pollen Information :


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