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A population of organisms, cells, viruses, or DNA molecules that is derived from the replication of a single genetic progenitor. In the case of B-cells , each B-cell has a typical Ig and so all the cells which descend from one B-cell (the clone) have the same Ig. Typically, a cancer is a clone of cells.

Clonal Deletion

A mechanism whereby the loss of lymphocytes of a particular specificity is due to contact with either "self" or artificially introduced antigen .

Clonal Selection Theory

Also known as Burnett theory, clonal selection theory states that the specificity and diversity of an immune response are the result of selection by an antigen of specifically reactive clones from a large repertoire of preformed lymphocytes, each with individual specificities.


Literally, coming from a single clone. A clone is the progeny of a single cell. In immunology, monoclonal generally describes a preparation of antibody that is monogenous, or cells of a single specificity.

Monoclonal antibodies

Laboratory-produced antibodies, which can be programmed to react against a specific antigen in order to suppress the immune response.



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