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Chenopodiaceae (Goosefoot)

The goosefoot family, Chenopodiaceae , consists of the genera Atriplex , Sarcobatus (Greasewood), Salicornia (e.g. glassworts) and the true goosefoot, Chenopodium. Chenopodium are weedy, rank-smelling plants which are found in a large variety of environments. Species of the Chenopodium genus include C. bonus-henricus (Good-King-Henry or mercury), C. botrys (Feather geranium, or Jerusalem oak), and Pigweed, or lamb's quarters. Lamb's quarters is one of the most common weedy species, being widely distributed throughout Asia, Europe and North America. The chenopodes are known to cross-react with grass pollens .
It should be noted that pigweed also refers to the Amaranthaceae family of weeds. [ 1 ]


[1] The Encyclopaedia Britannica Online :


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