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World Pollen Calendar

North America Latin America Europe Africa Asia Australia
North America Latin America Europe Africa Asia Australia

Click on a continent on the map above to access the pollen calendar for that region.

One of the most common allergens is pollen . A hypersensitivity to pollen often results in seasonal allergic rhinitis (hayfever) or extrinsic asthma . The most common sources of pollen are weeds , grasses and trees and the manifestation of pollen-related hypersensitivity diseases are linked to higher amounts of certain pollen allergens in the atmosphere, depending on the season. Thus, these types of pollen allergy are often termed 'seasonal'.

This section provides examples of the main offending weed, grass and tree pollen allergens present on each continent as well as when they are typically most common. Links to more complete, area-specific information as well as to key terms are provided within each section. If you have any information pertinent to this section, which you would like to see included, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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