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Trees Austria Pollen Calendar
  Data Source: Allergy Online, 1999 [ 1 ]
The tree pollen data presented here is based principally on the ash , birch , oak , alder , beech and hazel trees with beech and oak pollens being most common in April and May, respectively.

Grass pollens in Austria seem to peak around June and slowly decrease over the following 2 months. The three main weeds , which cause problems are plantain , mugwort and ragweed . Plantain is present in low amounts from May through September while the more allergic mugwort and ragweed pollens are present in greater amounts in August and September. Ragweed is a North American import and is found in Europe only in Austria, Hungary and the French Rhône valley. Thus, ragweed does not pose the same problem in Europe as it does in the USA.

[1] Allergy Online, Vienna School of Medicine


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