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Trees Australia Pollen Calendar
  Data Source : Ragg, M., " The Low Allergy Garden", 1996 [ 1 ]
The main allergic, pollen -producing grasses in Australia include rye grass , Bermuda couch grass , annual and Kentucky blue grass , paspalum and prairie grass. Due to the fact that grass pollens are the most common in Australia, the University of Melbourne pollen count standards, used across the continent, are based only on grass pollens. The main weed pollen responsible for seasonal allergies is plantain [ 2 ] .

The main allergenic trees in Australia are overwhelmingly exotic, with the exceptions of the indigenous wattle and ti-tree . Examples include the silver birch , maple , olive , poplar , ash and oak [ 2 ] .

The worst affected area seems to be the south-eastern, Victoria province (Melbourne), due to the vast grasslands to the north and northery spring winds. Canberra is also badly affected, due to the large amount of exotic plants in the city, as is Alice Springs. About 30% of the Australian population are allergic to grass and tree pollens [ 2 ] .

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