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Trees South Africa Pollen Calendar
  Data Source : South African Allergy Society [ 1 ]
In much of southern Africa, the most common pollens are the grass pollens . Examples of common grass pollens found in this region include rye grass , Bermuda grass , kikuyu grass and eragrostis . Indeed, in southern Africa there are an estamated 947 indigenous and 115 naturalised grass species.The grass flowering seasons in South Africa can be relatively long (up to 10 months due to the warm climate in the grasslands, however, it should be noted that the grass pollen season is confined mainly to the Spring in coastal regions) and thus induce hypersensitive reactions throughout much of the year. [ 2 ]

The major tree pollens in South Africa include acacia , willow , cypress , oak , eucalyptus, plane and poplar , which, in contrast to the grass flowering season, have short flowering seasons (see calendar above) and thus pollens from these trees cause identifiable, seasonal hypersensitive reactions.

While weed pollens play an important role in seasonal allergies on other continents, weeds are not thought to be as important in Southern Africa. However, weeds such as plantain can be found and may induce allergic reactions. [ 1 ]

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[2 ] Allergic rhinitis in South Africa: diagnosis and management. Consensus Document : South African Allergic Rhinitis Working Group. In South African Medical Journal, 1996; 86 : 1315-1328. Can be consulted at :


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