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Health website evaluation tool

This page helps you evaluate the quality, credibility, and transparency of a health website by guiding you through questions related to the HONcode principles and the EU Quality Criteria for Health-related Websites. After answering a series of questions, the site will be given a score and indications regarding its level of transparency and production quality.

URL of the website you want to evaluate:

In order to have the fairest and most accurate evaluation, kindly answer all questions. Thank you.

Quality of the website content production

Authors' medical/health qualifications in health (i.e. MD, editorial staff, patient, etc) are mentioned
Yes  Yes for only few pages  No qualifications are mentioned  No authors are mentioned

The date the page was last modified is provided
Yes, the date the page was created/updated is provided on each page of the website containing
health/medical contents
Yes, for all the pages on the website
Yes, only for a few pages on the website
No page has the date last modified
I'm not sure

Are the sources of information available clearly identified?
Yes, valid HTML links to the source information are provided
Yes, a bibliographic reference to the source of information is given
Yes, but the contents on the website are originally written by the editor
No, no reference to the source of information is made
Don't know

The website provides information on treatments, medications, diets
Yes  No

Are controversial issues supported by scientific knowledge?
Yes  No   Don't know  There are no controversial issues

The sposors and / or funders do not influence the editorial contents
Yes  No   Don't know

All advertisments, banners and logos are clearly identified with words like [advertisement], [google ads]
Yes  No   Don't know


Do you think the website contents adhere to the site's mission?
Yes  No

Do you think the website contents suit the targeted audience?
Yes  No

The website clearly indicates how my personal data is treated (email address, name, or other personal information)
(see the privacy part)
Yes  No
A valid email address for the webmaster or a link to a valid contact form is available
Yes  No

Based on a general conclusion from the questions above, how reliable do you think this website is?
Very reliable  Reliable  Unreliable