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DiGeorge Syndrome - Velocardiofacial Syndrome
- Chromosome 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome
- Hypoplasia of Thymus and Parathyroids
- Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome
- Syndrome, DiGeorge
- Syndrome, Velo-Cardio-Facial
Syndrome de DiGeorge - CATCH 22
- CATCH 22 (Cardiac anomaly, Abnormal face, Thymus hypoplasia, Cleft palate, Hypocalcaemia, 22 chromosome)
- SDG (Syndrome de DiGeorge)
- Syndrome de délétion du chromosome 22q11
- Syndrome vélo-cardio-facial
- Microdélétion 22q11.2
Di-George-Syndrom - Hypoplasie von Thymus und Parathyreoidea
- Velokardiofaziales Syndrom
- Chromosom-22q11.2-Deletionssyndrom
- Velo-kardio-faziales Syndrom
Síndrome de DiGeorge - Sindrome de DiGeorge
- Agenesia del Timo
- Aplasia del Timo
- Displasia del Timo
- Sindrome Velocardiofacial
- Síndrome Velocardiofacial
Síndrome de DiGeorge - Agenesia do Timo
- Aplasia do Timo
- Displasia do Timo
- Síndrome de Shprintzen
- Síndrome Velocardiofacial
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