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Facial Hemiatrophy - Hemifacial Atrophy
- Romberg Disease
- Facial Hemiatrophy of Romberg
- Parry-Romberg Disease
- Parry-Romberg Syndrome
- Progressive Facial Hemiatrophy
Hémiatrophie faciale - Atrophie hémifaciale progressive
- Hémi-atrophie faciale de Romberg
- Hémiatrophie faciale progressive de Romberg
- Maladie de Romberg
- Syndrome de Parry-Romberg
Hemiatrophia faciei - Romberg-Krankheit
- Romberg-Syndrom
- Hemifaziale Atrophie
Hemiatrofia Facial - Enfermedad de Romberg
- Atrofia Hemifacial
Hemiatrofia Facial - Atrofia Hemifacial
- Doença de Romberg
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