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HONcode seal & certificate

Once a website has been validated, it is delivered a dated dynamic and unique logo it can display to boast its annual certification and illustrate its trustworthiness

Different HONcode seals

• Certified website : HONcode This website is certified by Health On The Net Foundation. Click to verify.

You can access to the websites certificate, its certification is valid.

This seal must contain a date which correspond to the date of the certification displayed on the certificate.

• Under reexam website : HONcode        HONcode

These seals shows you that the website, once certified, is under reexam, does not respond to one or more principles and one or more modifications are required. It is therefore recommended to be careful using the website.

• Non-certified website : HONcode

This seal indicates that the website, once certified, does not respect the criteria of the HONcode and its principles anymore, and is thus no longer certified.


HON automatically displays the HONcode seal and shows its validity in real time.

HONcode Certificate :

When you click-to-verify, you must be directed to a similar page that the one below, which indicates the certification status of the website (in compliance, under re-evaluation or invalid).

If by clicking on the HONcode seal you are directed to any other page than this certificate (as shown above), it is either a mistake or a potentially fraudulent use of the HONcode seal and deserve to be reported to the HON team.

The certificate below is a sample of a displayed certificate when the website is certified and has the HONcode seal. It shows the information related to the certification (dates and identification number  HONConduct- of the website), and to each of 8 principles observed by the website, with justifications.


Report a complaint :

HON promotes the possibility for any user to submit a complaint via the HONcode certificate by clicking on Report a complaint or directly on the HON website. When a complaint is submitted, HON opens an investigation after which the website must comply to the ensuing request for amendment or will lose its right to boast the HONcode seal.

HON recommendation to Internet users :

Before consulting healthcare information, be sure it is certified by the HONcode using the search tool of HON. Once on the website, click on a website's HONcode certification seal, usually on the home or legal pages.

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