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About the HONcode re-assessment payment process

The certification and re-evaluation process are carried out upon a contribution from your part. The fee is dependent on the type and popularity of the website.


Payment procedure scheme      Explanation of the payement process

Payment procedure scheme


Pricing scheme

Type of organisation Pricing/annual
Small nb of visitors
(no Alexa rank or > 3 millions)
Large nb of visitors
(Alexa rank <= 3 million)
For profit 160 euros 325 euros
Not for profit 50 euros 160 euros


Two months before the HONcode certificate of a website expires, the webmaster will be contacted by the HON to remind him/her of the necessity of a re-assessment. The webmaster will then request an invoice from HON and will make the relevant payment. Once payment has been received by HON, HON will have 4 weeks to conduct the initial review. The HON expert review team will carry out a detailed review on the website and a review report will be created with all the necessary changes that are required for continued HONcode compliance and communicated to the webmaster. The webmaster will then do the necessary changes and get back to HON. Another review will be carried out. In this manner, the expert review team will review the site, provide review reports, give guidance on what changes are required and exchange unlimited emails with the webmaster until his/her website is in full compliance. Only then will the HONcode certification be renewed.

All certified websites are added to our search engines (MedHunt, Khresmoi and HONcode Hunt) and will be displayed on our Facebook page and on Twitter.

PLEASE NOTE: There is no conflict of interest with regards to the re-assessment process being a paid service. Payment for conducting the re-assessment process in no way guarantees the renewal of your HONcode certification. If the expert review team finds that your website is not fully HONcode compliant, you will be requested to make the necessary changes to make it compliant. Only after the website reaches full compliance with the HONcode will your HONcode certification be renewed.


What happens if the site does not want to contribute

If no contribution is done, the site will then appear in a list of former certified sites and their logo will appear in grey.


If the expert review team feels that a website can no longer be certified, the webmaster will be informed of this and a decision will be made regarding the display of the website on the HONcode specialized search engine. If the HONcode re-assessment contribution payment has already been made by the webmaster, this amount will be reimbursed in total within 5 days following notification to the webmaster regarding the inability to recertify.

Additionally, if a webmaster decides that he/she does not want to have their website re-certified and would like a reimbursement of their payment, this will be returned in full within 10 days of notice from the webmaster, if the review process has not yet taken place. On the other hand, if the review process has already been carried out, reimbursement will no longer be possible.



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