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You agree to:

- Understand that the first set of HONcode reviews (until the site is HONcode certified) will be free, after which subsequent HONcode reviews starting from the 2nd year will be fee-based. The fee will be dependent on the type and popularity of the website.

- Understand that any form of violation of these conditions causes a break in the contract that binds you legally. This may cause the immediate withdrawal of the certification and may be published on the website of the Foundation.

- Understand that your HONcode application for your site may be rejected and that HON is not obligated to state the reasons for the rejection.

- Realize that your HONcode certification may be terminated at any time by HON. You agree to respect HON's decisions in these matters, and to remove the HONcode seal, associated text and any other material referring to HON, if requested to do so by HON.

- Never display the HONcode seal before the website has been certified.

- Identify and appoint a person in charge of the certification for maintaining the site in conformance, updating and notifying HON of any changes such as contact information and changes to the website.

- Make note that any emails related to the certification of your site will be sent to you including emails related to legal obligations according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

- Realize that any justified complaints regarding your web site will be displayed on your certificate.

- Ensure that your site is in conformity with the legislation enacted in your country when requesting for HONcode certification and that your request for HONcode certification is in conformity with these laws, and will remain so.

- Commit yourself to compliance at all times, to the principles of the HONcode, starting from the time of certification of your site. You pledge to provide quality health information and to take appropriate actions to publish useful, objective and correct data.

- Accept that all correspondence via the Internet, between the postulating site and the certifying organization, carries legal weight.

- Provide, a physical address, telephone number of the person in charge of the certification, and at least one valid contact email, during the period of certification.

- Provide any change in either physical address or email address/es without delay, to the Health On the Net Foundation.

- Provide us with the necessary access information (user name and password) if your website has a password secure section and will ensure that this remains valid throughout the period of certification. If your website is such that, a changing password is required, you will ensure that at the time of payment of the HONcode re-assessment contribution fee, you will also inform us of the current login information of the website.

- Inform the Health On the Net Foundation, without delay, of any and all modifications made to your site, which may not be compliant with the HONcode certification framework.

- Cease all publication of the HONcode certification in the event of suspension or withdrawal of HONcode certification. Failure to do so could result in legal action.

- Conform to the requirements of the Health On the Net Foundation concerning the locality and the display format of the attesting seal of certification on the site. You are fully aware of the privacy policy adhered to, by the HON regarding the HONcode logo.

- Understand that any communication about the certification of your site, through advertising articles, booklets or other documentations must be endorsed beforehand by the Health On the Net Foundation.

- Never report on the certification of your site in a way that may be harmful to the reputation of the Health On the Net Foundation and to not make statements in connection with this certification, which we would judge to be unauthorized or erroneous.

- Always treat your website visitors with honesty and respect in all matters.

- Understand that if certified, your website will be crawled and indexed in HON search engines, and could be used for research activities for non-commercial use only.

- Allow HON to store your site content for continued monitoring of the HONcode adherence/respect of your site.

We agree to:

- Provide the initial HONcode review completely free of charge and conduct as many reviews as is necessary to get the website to be HONcode compliant as far as possible and when the certification is applicable to the health website.

- Keep you informed about any changes in the HONcode certification in general and specifically related to your website within reasonable limits.

- Announce any modifications required for certification in advance.

- Assist you as much as possible in the modifications needed for your website to become HONcode compliant.

- Respect the confidentiality of all personal data provided to us by you, except in the event where we are obliged to divulge this information by the law being enforced in, either the country of the Health On the Net Foundation or that of the site.

- Attempt to provide adequate explanation if your HONcode certification is withdrawn at any time.

- Communicate and treat you with respect, honestly and transparency at all times.


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