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Principle 8 - Advertising policy

Editorial policy:
Conflicts of interest and external influences which could affect the objectivity of the editorial content must be clearly stated in the disclaimer.

Advertising policy:
All websites displaying paying banners have to have an advertising policy. This policy must explain how the site distinguishes between editorial and advertising content and which advertisements are accepted. Any conflict of interest has to be explained.

Any non-paying banner or ‘friendly’ link should also be distinguished from editorial content by a label such as “banner” or “friendly banner”. A policy should also be provided to explain to readers that these banners are not advertisements but have been provided for further reference or other purposes.

If the site does not display advertisements, a clear statement has to indicate that the site does not host or receive funding from advertising or from the display of commercial content.

All advertisements and any promotional, commercial or information in the form of articles, or display advertisements (banners or logos), have to be clearly indicated and easily identifiable as such, separated and distinguished from the editorial content. All advertising (including, but not limited to, pop-up windows and banners) have to be identified with the word "Advertising" or similar identifying clearly the sponsor.

If banners are served from a free web hosting service or 'banner exchange', the webmaster must clearly state that the advertising banners are from the free Web host and are not endorsed by the site editor.

Advertising is hosted at the responsibility of the editor. Sites that display advertisements for pornographic web sites (even if not under their direct control, such as with 'banner exchange' services) will be removed from the HONcode certification process and all HON databases

Collaborative Websites:

It must be determined whether the users of the platform have the right to publish advertisements in the form of content, banner or links etc.

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