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Principle 4 - Information must be documented: Referenced and dated

All medical content (page or article) has to have a specific date of creation and a last modification date.

Date of last modification must also be included on every page describing ethical and legal information, author(s), mission, and the intended audience.

All sources of the medical content must be given. You have to clearly indicate the recognized, scientific or official sources of health information quoted in your articles. If you used another website, a book, an article, a database or any other support, it has to be specified. The references specified have to lead us to the article mentioned. You have to provide a precise link to the source, whenever it is possible and the references should be in relation with the content referred.

We suggest you at the bottom of a health or medical Web article to provide the scientific references with the following format:

Journal Articles:
Author1, Author2, Author3 Title. Name of the journal. year-references. page number.

Conferences or books:
Author1, Author2, Author3 Title Name of the conference or book name - Year - Page number using

Note: - The last time the whole site was updated or the copyright date only, are not sufficient to comply with this principle. The 'last update' date should not be set to automatically display the current date.

- Depending on the website and its content, you may gather a bibliography instead of having a specific source for each medical article or page. This bibliography should clearly outline each reference to each medical subject.

Key points:
- Where the information is coming from?
- On which basis (scientific or different literature) information are they founded??
- When appropriate, a bibliography must be included, when possible, hypertext links.
- Is the date of the modifications shown on each medical and health page ?
- Is the date of last modification is shown on pages containing the privacy policy and legal information ?
- Is the date of the last modificationsshown on the pages describing (the) author (s), the mission and the audience of the site?

Collaborative Websites:

A statement asking platform users to give references (links for ex.) to the health/medical information they provide when it is not personal experience, must be provided.

Personal experience is any symptom, test, treatment etc that the person or a close family member has undergone himself/herself.

All posts must be automatically dated.

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