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Principle 1 - Information must be authoritative

All medical information presented on your web site must be attributed to an author and his/her training in the field must be mentioned.

This may be done on each of the pages with medical information or on an "Advisory Board" or "Editorial Board" information page.

The qualifications of the information provider (author, webmaster or editor) must be clearly stated (i.e. patient, Internet professional, medical or health professional).

If the information provider is a medical doctor, his/her specialty must be mentioned.
If the author is not a medical professional, this must be clearly stated on the web site.

The name of the person in charge of the publication of the site (editor) or the responsible of the site should be mentioned on the site . If this person is a health professional (medical or paramedical), qualifications must be mentioned.

All acronyms relating to degrees or affiliations must be explained.  They can be identified on a separate page. entitled “Information page”.

Collaborative Websites:

It must be clearly stated if the platform is moderated or not. The qualifications/credentials of the moderator(s) must be clearly stated. The true names of the moderators are not mandatory. Moderators may use pseudonyms. The frequency of the moderatorís visits of to the website must be given.

It must be stated that all users are by default considered as non medical professionals. If otherwise, it must also be stated.

It must be stated that if a health professional gives medical information as a platform user, his status as a medical professional must be identified.

It must be clearly stated that platform users and moderators must behave at all times with respect and honesty.

It must be clearly stated how the moderators intervene and how platform users may be banned. It must be stated if platform users are warned or notified before being banned.

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