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Contenus identifiés par l'équipe HONcode

Les éléments ci-dessous sont un échantillon des contenus identifiés par l'équipe HONcode à une date précise qui contribuent à la justification du respect des 8 principes éthiques.

The Online Collaborative Training for AIDS Vaccine Evaluation Project (OCTAVE) is a multi-organizational effort conceived to address common high priority topics while minimizing duplication of effort across HIV vaccine research groups. The OCTAVE Project’s mission is to create a shared e-Learning curriculum in preparation of and in follow-up to face-to-face workshops (i.e., blended-learning) that will benefit investigative teams throughout the world. The OCTAVE Project is led by a Leadership Group that strategically plans and guides implementation of the project’s ongoing development. This group is led by Jonathan Fuchs, MD, MPH, OCTAVE Chair, (San Francisco Dept. of Public Health & HIV Vaccine Trials Network); and Co-Chairs Jean- Pierre Kraehenbuhl, MD (HSeT Foundation); Janice Darden, MS (AIDS Clinical Trials Group); and Danna Flood, MPH (HIV Vaccine Trials Network). This leadership structure was born, in large part, from the dedication of these members and expertise each offers to guide the development of e-Learning approaches that focus on high priority training areas including: 1) laboratory methodology, led by Ms. Darden; 2) Good Clinical Practices and Informed Consent, led by Ms. Flood; 3) Vaccinology and Protocol Development, led by Dr. Fuchs; and 4) HIV pathogenesis, led by Dr. Kraehenbuhl.

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Medical information
10.1. You understand that information provided by HSeT is not intended to improve or replace the relationship between the patient (or website visitor) and his/her physician.

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Data protection
5.1 HSET guarantees that data relating to physical and legal persons are collected, processed and used in full compliance with Swiss law on data protection. Such data are not released to third parties unless required for performance of the contract.
5.2 You hereby consent to this use of your data. You are entitled at any time to inspect the data stored from your sources and forbid their use, in which case it suffices to inform HSeT.
5.3 HSeT further draws your attention to the fact that due to technical circumstances communication via the Internet is neither secure nor confidential. You are therefore requested not to send confidential information to E-mail addresses, via feedback/contact forms or Forum participants. Any communications reaching HSeT via these channels will be regarded as not confidential and treated accordingly.

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Seules les données pour un échantillon sont affichées parmi tous ceux sélectionnés.

Selected references
The Higher Education Business: the Winning Recipe and the Digital Degree, The Economist June 2014
E-learning methodologies: A guide for designing and developing e-learning courses, FAO 2011
This guide was prepared in the context of the FAO Trust Fund Project GCP/GLO/279/GER entitled: "Improving the abilities of Regional Organizations to develop, implement and monitor food security training programmes". The project is funded by the Government of Germany and implemented by FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations), Rome, 2011
Aggarwal R, Gupte N, Kass N, Taylor H, Ali J, Bhan A, Aggarwal A, Sisson SD, Kanchanaraksa S, McKenzie-White J, McGready J, Miotti P, Bollinger RC. 2011. A comparison of online versus on-site training in health research methodology: a randomized study. BMC Med Educ. 11:37.

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Last update: Thursday, August 28, 2014

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Ce principe n'est pas applicable au site. 

If you are interested by the HVTN program please contact the following persons:
Danna Flood, Associate Director for Training, HIV Vaccine Trials Network Core Operations Center, 1616 Eastlake Ave. E., LE-500. Seattle, WA 98102, U.S.A
Tel: +1 (206) 667 66 79
Jean-Pierre Kraehenbuhl, HSeT Foundation, 155 Ch. des Boveresses, 1066 Epalinges, Switzerland
Tel: +41 (21) 692 58 56
If you experience technical difficulties, please email

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Partners & Contributors
The HVTN OCTAVE portal is made possible and supported by a number of partners and contributors:
HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN)
US National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Health Sciences eTraining Foundation (HSeT)
International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)
Office of AIDS Research
U.S Military HIV Research Program (USMHRP)
European Clinical Research Infrastructure Network (ECRIN)
Comprehensive Antibody-Vaccine Immune Monitoring Consortium (CA-VIMC)
EuroVacc Foundation
World Health Organization (WHO)
Vaccine Research Center (VRC)

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HSeT does not endorse or recommend any commercial products, processes, or services. The content expressed on HSeT Web sites may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.


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Le contenu de ce certificat HONcode a été collecté par la Fondation HON et ne peut pas être utilisé sans permission préalable.

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