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After 10 years as a successful practicing chiropractor, Dr. Brad Lustick was severely injured in an automobile accident. His injuries resulted in an inability to continue active practice - but strengthened his commitment to help others deal with and overcome chronic neck and back pain.
So, in 1994, Brad, in partnership with his wife, Rose, opened Back Be Nimble to share knowledge of the back and body with the public by selling products for self-care, relief and prevention of pain and suffering. Back Be Nimble endeavors to provide customized solutions and specific items needed to improve comfort and relieve pain.

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As a retired chiropractor with experience in functional integrative medicine for 25 years, I’ve been interested in how lifestyle and work environments impact a person's health. I currently work with those trying to improve their health and fitness through wellness coaching in both Houston and Salt Lake City.

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PRODUCT INFORMATION DISCLAIMER: Backbenimble.com Back Store offers self-care products addressing ergonomics, postural support and back pain relief. Offerings should not be considered medical advice or substitutes for recommendations of an attending doctor.

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Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is created by backdoc. Entries and comments entered here by others reflect the personal opinions of such authors and are not to be construed as an official position of backdoc. backdoc provides insightful commentary regarding self-care products while addressing ergonomics, postural support and back pain relief.

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Dr. Brad Lustick
CEO and Ergonomic Supervisor
(Relatively general information provided by a Chiropractor).

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You can contact Back Be Nimble in the following ways
Toll Free: 800.639.ERGO (3746 - U.S. and Canada Only)
Phone: 1.713.521.0003
Fax: 1.800.787.4378
E-Mail: for product and/or order questions for website questions, comments and problems
Website: www.backbenimble.com for all your back store products
Customer Service Hours: Mon-Fri: 10am-5:00pm CST
Closed Saturday and Sunday
Mailing and Product
Return Address: Back Be Nimble
14027 Memorial Dr.
Number 152
Houston, Texas, 77079


Who owns Back Be Nimble?
A career change induced by an auto accident led Dr. Brad Lustick to apply his ergonomic and wellness expertise to the world of business, whereby he began customizing ergonomic concepts and products to fit the needs of people in all walks of life. After being inspired by a book about the "Information Superhighway", and quite a bit of perspiration, he and his wife, Rose pioneered retail on the internet in 1994, with one of the first 100 internet businesses now know as Back Be Nimble.

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Backdoc does not receive any funding from any manufacturer whose brand is mentioned or suggested and specific brands are purely mentioned as recommendations out of genuine interest for the reader.

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