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25 Oct 2010

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27 Aug 2020

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The content below is a sample of the content identified at a specific date by the HONcode team that justifies the respect of the eight ethical principles.


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Information provided on the ESCAMP website is meant to complement and not replace any advice or information from a health professional. Any claims relating to the benefit or performance of a specific medical treatment, commercial product or service will be supported by clear references to scientific research results and/or published articles. The ESCAMP website does not accept or host any advertisement.

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Data protection statement

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The data displayed correspond to only one of the selected samples.

General overviews
Baars EW, Hamre HJ. Whole medical systems versus the system of conventional biomedicine: a critical, narrative review of similarities, differences, and factors that promote the integration process. Evid Based Complement Alternat Med 2017 doi.org/10.1155/2017/4904930
Portoghese translation by Nilo E. Gardin: Baars EW, Hamre HJ. Sistemas médicos complexos versus sistema convencional de biomedicina: Uma revisão crítica e narrativa de semelhanças, diferenças e fatores que promovem o processo de integração. Arte Mèdica Ampliada. 2018;38(1):18-29
Evans M, Roger I. Healing for body, soul and spirit – An introduction to anthroposophical medicine. Edinburgh: Floris Books; 2013, 192 p.
Kienle GS, Albonico HU, Baars E, Hamre HJ, Zimmermann P, Kiene H. Anthroposophic medicine: an integrative medical system originating in Europe. Glob Adv Health Med 2013;2(6):20-31. doi.org/10.7453/gahmj.2012.087
Wolf U, Winkler M, Ephraim M, Hamre HJ, Lemann D. The challenge of complexity: Anthroposophic and conventional medicine in dialogue. Primary Care 2011;11(10): 174-175. doi.emh.ch/10.4414/pc-f.2011.08890

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Last update: May 2018

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This principle is not applicable to this site 

ESCAMP – European Scientific Cooperative on Anthroposophic Medicinal Products e.V.
Zechenweg 6
D-79111 Freiburg
Tel. +49 761 1560305
Fax +49 761 1560306

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ESCAMP aims to receive financial support preferentially from non-profit organisations and public funds, if necessary also from manufacturers of anthroposophic medicinal products (AMPs). Financial support from AMP manufacturers requires that the funding is not subject to conditions that could affect the independence of ESCAMP.
To date ESCAMP has received financial support from the following non-profit organizations:
Software AG - Stiftung (Germany)
Mahle-Stiftung (Germany)
Christophorus Stiftung (Germany)
Ekhagastiftelsen (Sweden)
Vidarstiftelsen (Sweden)
Iona Stichting (The Netherlands)
And from the following industrial sponsors:
European Association of Manufacturers of Medicines for Anthroposophic Therapy (AEFMUTA, France)
WALA-Heilmittel GmbH (Germany)
Weleda AG (Switzerland).
The sponsors had no influence on the development of the concepts and strategies presented on this website.

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Conflicts of interests
ESCAMP is an independent industry-neutral scientific cooperative. The knowledge and expertise of employees of manufacturers of anthroposophic medicinal products (AMPs) is necessary for ESCAMP, but the AMP manufacturers shall not influence decision making in ESCAMP. For this reason the AMP manufacturers and their employees are not represented among the members or board members. A policy document defines transparent procedures for handling of potential conflicts of interests in ESCAMP.

The ESCAMP website does not accept or host any advertisement.

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The content of this certificate has been collected by the HON Foundation and may not be used without HON's express consent.

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The HONcode's significance

The Health On the Net (HON) certificate guarantees that this website complies with the eight principles of the HON Foundation's Code of Conduct at the date indicated above. The persons responsible for the site commit to maintaining its compliance with the HONcode principles for the duration of the site's certification.

However, despite the complaint system that has been put in place and the periodic review and automatic monitoring of certified sites to ensure maximum compliance with the HONcode ethical principles, it is impossible to eliminate all risks of incoherence that may appear.

Under no circumstances shall the HON Foundation and/or its partner(s) be held liable for any damages resulting from the use or the inability to use HONcode-certified websites. Similarly, the HON Foundation and/or its partner(s) shall not be held liable for the content of such certified websites or any other website accessible via a hypertext link or through third-party information.

Those responsible for the certified website are responsible for the content of the website unless otherwise provided by law.

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