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The AllAboutVision.com Editorial Advisory Board was formed to ensure that this website offers as much interesting and accurate information about eye care and eyewear as possible. Members include leading ophthalmologists, optometrists, opticians, and other eye care professionals.

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This website is designed to provide general information about vision, vision care and vision correction. It is not intended to provide medical advice. If you suspect that you have a vision problem or a condition that requires attention, consult an eye care professional as soon as possible for advice on the treatment of your own specific condition and for your own particular needs.

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Our web server, like all web servers, will automatically recognize each visitor's Internet address (or "IP address"). This does not provide us with personally identifiable information. Our server logs will record page views and the serving of images and other files, and can associate those actions with particular visitor sessions, but this information is not tied to any individual visitor's identity. We use Google Analytics for this same purpose.

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Buying Contact Lenses
You can buy replacement contact lenses at many places, and some offer a better value than others. Find out more about where to buy contacts and buying contact lenses online.
More Information About Contacts
For more information about contacts, visit our contact lens FAQ, eye doctor Q&A and contact lens news pages.
FIND A DOCTOR: If you're ready to see an eye doctor about contact lenses, click here to find one near you. >
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[Page updated September 2016]
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ULTRA Contact Lenses Say goodbye to discomfort with ULTRA contact lenses
CRT Wear contacts overnight, see clearly during the day with Paragon CRT
Lobob Hassle-free contact lens care for RGP and soft contact lenses from Lobob
My LASIK journey Find out how latest LASIK technology can help you get rid of your contacts
Contact Lenses
CONTACT LENSES - main page
Contact lens basics
Contact lens news
Eye doctor Q&A - contact lenses
10 myths about contact lenses
Tips for contact lens wearers
Astigmatism / toric contacts
Eye doctor Q&A - astigmatism contacts
Bifocal & multifocal contact lenses
Bifocal contacts for astigmatism
Eye doctor Q&A - bifocal contacts
Buying contact lenses:
Are contacts expensive?
Best places to buy contacts
Buying contact lenses online
Buying with no prescription
Contact lenses vs. glasses
How much do contacts cost?
Color contacts:
All about color contacts
Are colored contacts more expensive?
Special effect contact lenses
What color contacts should I get?
What contacts did they use in Twilight?
Contact lens Rx - how to read
Contacts Rx vs. eyeglasses Rx
Contact lens care:
Can contacts be stored in water?
GP lens care
Soft lens care
Which contact solution is the best?
Contact lens FAQs
Contact lens problems:
Acanthamoeba keratitis
Contact lens discomfort - how to solve
Contact lenses for dry eyes
Contact stuck in eye
Fungal keratitis eye infections
Is my contact lens inside out?
Why do contacts burn?
Daily disposable contacts
Gas permeable or GP lenses
Monovision contacts
Orthokeratology or eye reshaping
Overnight wear & extended wear
Post-LASIK contacts
Silicone hydrogel contacts
Specialty contact lenses:
Contacts for hard-to-fit eyes
Custom contact lenses
Prosthetic contact lenses
Scleral lenses
30-day contacts vs LASIK
LASIK & Vision Surgery
Basics of corrective eye surgery
Presbyopia surgery after age 40
How LASIK works
Why PRK is sometimes better than LASIK
How to choose a great LASIK surgeon
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Frames for your personality
Which frames would look best on you?
10 tips for buying children's eyewear
How to choose the best lenses for your needs
How to read your eyeglasses prescription
How to get thinner lenses
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UV light & your eyes
Today's AccuWeather UV index map
Why do kids need sunglasses?
Test your knowledge of sunglasses
New sunglass trends
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Eye Exams
What to expect during the exam
Eye charts and eye tests
Online eye tests: What you need to know
Color blindness test
Visual acuity: Is 20/20 vision "perfect" vision?
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Conditions A-Z
Conditions articles in Spanish
Conjunctivitis / pink eye
Myopia / nearsightedness
Itchy eyes
Styes and other eyelid bumps
Dry eye treatment and relief
Floaters, spots, flashes
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About cataract surgery
About intraocular lenses / IOLs
Multifocal IOLs
How to choose a cataract surgeon
Risks & complications
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Dry Eyes
About dry eye syndrome
Answers from a dry eye expert
Contact lenses for dry eyes
Dry eye infographic - sponsored
Flaxseed oil and fish oil for dry eyes
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Low Vision
Magnifiers - buyer's guide
Finding a low vision doctor
How to help someone with low vision
Vision aids for distance viewing
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Digital Eye Strain
10 ways to relieve computer eye strain
Blue light from digital devices: bad for eyes?
Computer eyeglasses
Children and computer vision syndrome
7 things that give you eye strain at work
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Sports Vision
Contact lenses for sports
Protective sports eyewear
Choosing the right lens tint for your sport
Eyeglasses for sports
12 tips for buying ski goggles
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Eye Safety
Eye safety basics
How to tell if an eye injury is serious
Getting the right safety glasses
[Video] How to prevent eye injuries
Toys to avoid to keep kids' eyes safe
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Nutrition & Eyes
Guide to nutrition for healthy eyes
Vitamin A and beta carotene facts
Cataract prevention with nutrition
Vitamin C, bioflavonoids, antioxidants
Flaxseed oil vs. fish oil for dry eyes
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Children's Vision
Infant vision
Myopia control / cure
8 warning signs of vision problems in kids
Kids & computer vision syndrome
Vision therapy for children
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5 tips for choosing eyeglasses
Sunglasses - trends for teens
Nutrition for your eyes
Asking your parents for contacts? What to know
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Vision Over 40
Pros and cons of reading glasses
Multifocal contact lenses
Safety tips for improving night driving
Bifocals & trifocals
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Vision Over 60
How vision changes as you age
8 ways to protect your eyesight
How good nutrition protects aging eyes
Senior eye exams at no cost
Safe driving after 60
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Cosmetic Procedures
Botox FAQ
Eyelid surgery / blepharoplasty
Latisse for eyelashes - is it safe?
Puffy eyes & dark circles
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Vision Insurance
How to choose a plan
How to use vision insurance
Glossary of vision insurance terms
Medicare / Medicaid vision benefits
Go to section for more topics »
Eye anatomy / parts of the eye
Glossary of vision terms
Buy smarter - Be a better eye care consumer
How to put in eye drops
Learn about these great vision charities
Mobile apps for your eyes and vision
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We run advertising for many different types of products and services. From a business perspective, that helps keep us impartial. For example, no laser vision correction companies would advertise with us if our content was unfairly biased toward contact lenses, and vice versa. Much more importantly, since AllAboutVision.com is an online publication, the professional ethics of our team of journalists and our doctor reviewers set the standard for our editorial quality.

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How do I know which content on your website is advertising, and which is not? Our website includes advertising banners, advertorials and sponsored sections. Advertisements and advertorials are labeled with the word "Advertisement." Sponsored sections are labeled with the phrase "Sponsored Section."

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