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Privacy Policy

HON pledges always to respect the privacy and anonymity of its users, including survey participants. We do not use cookies. We do not require users to register at our site. The information (the names, email addresses or any other contact information, personal or medical data) provided to us voluntarily by our visitors in their communications with us is securely stored and not shared with any third party. HON is committed to working with the Internet community in cultivating and maintaining trust between all its members.



The content provided by Health On the Net Foundation is for information purposes only and is in no way intended to be a substitute for medical consultation with a qualified professional. The Foundation encourages Internet users to be careful when using medical information. If you are unsure about your medical condition, consult a physician. Although we carefully review our content, Health On the Net Foundation cannot guarantee nor take responsibility for the medical accuracy of documents we publish, nor can HON assume any liability for the content of Web sites linked to our site. To find out more about our efforts to improve the quality of medical information on the Internet, visit our Code of Conduct (HONcode 1 ).


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1 The Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct (HONcode) for medical and health Web sites HONcode http://www.hon.ch/Conduct.html



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