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Postnatal Sensory & Perceptual Development

Developmental rates of sensation (where information contacts sensory receptors such as the eyes, ears, tongue, etc.) and perception (the interpretation of what is sensed) vary considerably from one infant to another, with some developing faster and some slower. This is normal.

In this section we look at the development of vision , hearing , and of taste and smell and brain development . It should be borne in mind that these sections describe average development and that the range of normal development is much greater (i.e. it can be considerably faster or slower). However, certain factors can affect normal development in this area. These include: environmental factors, such as lack of sufficient stimulation and physical factors, such as deafness or visual problems.

Check out the main milestones in this area for the first 12 months of a baby's life.

If you are concerned about your infant's development in any area, consult your child's doctor.

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