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   During Pregnancy
 Pre-existing Conditions
 During Pregnancy
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Pregnancy Problems and Complications

Most pregnancies are uneventful, and most complications can be treated.
We have divided the common problems and complications of pregnancy into different sections which can be navigated to via the menu on the left. The complete list of complications in pregnancy dealt with in this section can be found in the table below.

There is also a separate section dealing with common gynaecological problems .
Sections on common gynaecological procedures and procedures used during pregnancy and birth are also available.

Pre-existing Conditions Placenta & Amnion Birth Complications During Pregnancy Abortion & Miscarriage Prematurity Problems
Excessive vomiting Placenta previa Postterm labour Multiple pregnancy Abortion, types Consult this section for more detailed
Hypertension Abruptio placentae Preterm labour Ectopic pregnancy Miscarriage information.
Anaemia Oligohydramnios Slow Labour Uterine Fibroids Stillbirth  
Asthma Polyhydramnios Premature rupture of the membranes Preeclampsia/
Arthritis   Abnormal Position Incompetent Cervix    
Lupus   Shoulder Dystocia Bleeding in Pregnancy    
Thyroid disorders   Perineal damage Rh incompatibility    
Infections   Prolapsed umbilical cord      
Liver diseases   Amniotic Fluid Embolism      
Diabetes   Excessive bleeding      
Myasthenia gravis   Maternal Infections      

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Pregnancy Complications

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Pregnancy Complications


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