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Premature and Small Babies

A premature baby is one who is born before 37 weeks of pregnancy. See also preterm labour . A number of problems are associated with prematurity. For information on such disorders, go here .

A low-birthweight infant is one who is born after the the normal gestational period (38-42 week) but weights less than 2..5 kgs (5.5 pounds) at birth.
Click here for a table of the percentages of low-birthweights in different areas of the world.

A small for gestational age baby is one who is unusually small for the number of weeks in gestation. This term refers to weight, not the length of the baby.

A growth-retarded baby is one whose growth in the uterus has been somehow stunted. Such a baby would be both smaller and weigh less than a normal neonate.

The information in this page is presented in summarised form and has been taken from the following source(s):
1. Child Development , 6th Edition (1994), J. W. Santrock, Wm. C. Brown Communications, Inc.

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