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Welcome to the Mother and Child Glossary of the Health on the Net Foundation (HON) . It is our desire to provide you with a high quality health and medical on-line information resource. The Mother and Child Glossary is an easy to use avenue for getting credible answers to your health and medical questions concerning women and children. It is designed in a logical fashion; categorised chronologically; and encompassing many topics, from conception through delivery, and ultimately the child.

Each section provides referenced information extracted from reliable, reviewed sources with links to further literature on many of the topics.

The reproduction section explains the female reproductive organs as well as changes in the female body throughout her lifetime. Common gynaecological problems and procedures are also included.

Many aspects of pregnancy from conception to the development of the foetus are covered in the pregnancy section , with a separate section covering possible complications.

The section devoted to birth includes newborn development and the immediate postpartum period. The recovery of the mother, and neonatal development and conditions are the focus of the postnatal section .

The childhood illnesses section provides information on many of the common diseases affecting children.

Additionally, you can jump directly to a topic through the glossary or search for more information using the three medical search engines located on the right hand bar.

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